VITALIA, for better preservation of fruits and vegetables

  • Your fruits and vegetables kept up to 3 to 4 times longer
  • Wooden slats arranged on a porcelain container, all made in France
  • A constant supply of humidity for better conservation
  • Storage of your food in ambient air, an ecological alternative to the refrigerator
  • The taste and nutritional values ​​are preserved
  • For healthy cooking, full of flavor and vitamins
  • Water humidifier provided
  • Design signed Jarre, French manufacture
  • Shipping time: in stock, 48 hours maximum

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Our products are made and stored in France


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Why should we store our fruits and vegetables in the ambient air?

Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the ambient air and not in the refrigerator. The cold loses a large part of the taste of these foods and takes away almost all the nutritional values, vitamins, etc.
Fruits and vegetables also spoil very quickly in the refrigerator.

The solution? Store them in the ambient air, providing them with all the necessary humidity. The water present in Vitalia will evaporate over time. By evaporating, it will moisten your fruits and vegetables and thus improve their conservation, while preserving their taste and nutritional values!


A Quebec design signed by the Jarre agency. Jarre's desire is to fight against food waste by offering products that are easy to use and aesthetic to place them serenely in a kitchen, living room, etc.

Made in France

The manufacture of the porcelain container and the wooden slats is carried out in France.
We store the products for dispatch within 48 hours maximum.



Between 20 and 30 kg of food is thrown away on average per year and per inhabitant.
This represents a cost of 180 to 310 €!
Fruits and vegetables make up a large portion of these discarded foods.
A way to store your food without the need for electricity, unlike the refrigerator

The functioning

The operation of Vitalia is very simple:

  • you have your fruits and vegetables on the wooden slats
  • you humidify them using the humidifier supplied with your Vitalia
  • water will run off your food to be stored in the porcelain container
  • the evaporation process will begin to permanently humidify your food
  • you just have to take care that there is always water in your Vitalia!

What fruits and vegetables can I place on Vitalia?

Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that will keep perfectly thanks to Vitalia.
For healthy cooking, full of flavor and vitamins.

- tomatoes, peppers, eggplants: they will retain their taste values
- cucumbers and zucchini: they will keep their natural crunchiness
- pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines: hydrated, they will develop their taste and their natural sugar
- but also avocados, bananas, citrus fruits

jar food design

Jarre is a Quebec company that innovates in culinary design. To fight against food waste, Jarre imagined Vitalia to significantly improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Vitalia is 100% French made

  • French made
  • Materials: porcelain, wooden slats
  • Humidifier supplied with the product
  • Dimensions: H 7 cm * W 40 cm * D 26 cm
  • We ship the product within 48 hours maximum
    The products are manufactured and stored in France, on our premises.

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