Selectibox by my eco-design, the tool for sorting of waste: our 100% French brand of eco design sorting bins.
The Selectiboxes adapt to your waste collection specifications. Ultra-customizable, Selectibox design baskets are easy to maintain.
Design becomes communicative and promotes selective sorting.
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Le waste sorting is a particularly important gesture for the preservation of the planet. More than just an initiative, the implementation of a selective sorting system is becomee a real obligation for professionals since the législation the 1er July 2010. In this sense, many companies have invested considerable effort in encourage employees to sort waste. However, la waste collection at work requires A support adapted.

Engaged in the preservation of the environment, My Eco design represents various eco-responsible brandsIncluding Selectibox.

SELECTIBOX, what is it?

Launched by the company 1rdesign, la trademark Selectibox is a response to current environmental challenges. It offers a line of trash both design and eco-designedeg.

The brand philosophy

Collection Selectibox was born from a desire to facilitate sorting selective of waste from the source. Indeed, designer full trademark thought of trash can sorting here could directly be sitting in an office, in a hotel room Or other. Cela would alleviate work collection officers as well as simplify the recycling process.

The brand also holds à support professionals in la communication of their ecological approach. Indeed, elle ensures that products can impact at best the targets (employees, customers, prospects, etc.). To reach this goal, Selectibox designs its sorting bins around 3 piliers important :

  • Design
  • Ecology
  • Lhas quality

The particularities of SELECTIBOX litter bins

100% made in France

Selectibox place it « Made in France » at the heart of its activities. The brand is committed to integrating local players into its value chain for support the local economy and de reduce its ecological footprint. It favors collaboration with local partners to establish regular contact.

All products Selectibox are entirely made in France, especially in Ain. The company implemented a short distribution scheme, with a limited number of intermediariess. Indeed, products finished are directly delivered à the clientele finale.

This allows a very high reactivity, a fast delivery.

Materials 100% recycleds and recyclables

The signed baskets Selectibox are designed from 100% polyethylene recycled and recyclable. Our Company also provides a range trash cans entirely made of bioplastic beet to sugar.

At the end of life, the trash Selectibox can be 100% recycled. In addition, all materials used for their manufacture are free froms list products Reach.

Personalization possibilities

The brand Selectibox to care about propose trash answering for every need specific. For this, elle offers the possibility of composing the models according to the specifications of each client. Thus, it is quite possible to Order sorting baskets Selectibox according to flows et the types of waste to be sorted.

The brand can also provide models with different types of customizations as a logo, a text or even a visual.


The brand attaches great importance in the design of its products. Moreover, brand designers have thought of ergonomic shapes for ease of use. They put in place products according to color codes selective sorting conventional.

The rubbish bins from home Selectibox are thought for integrate into different types of environment. They can be installed in a classroom, a meeting room, an office, a guest rooml or other.

The marque offers 3 models of bins, with a perfectly worked design:

SELECTIBOX UNO : a tray sorting single compartment;

SELECTIBOX DUO : Ae sorting bin with 2 bins ;

SELECTIBOX TERTIO : a basket with 3 bins.

Easy to clean

baskets Selectibox have were designed to be easys à maintain on a daily basis, whether by their material of manufacture or theirs forms. Just clean them with soapy water to maintain their original state. Urban artist this type of bin is easy to empty.

Resistance and robustness

The products of in Selectibox were mades in respect of strict quality standards. That's why they are famouss for their solidity and their resistance to any test.

Brand stakeholders Selectibox

Project Selectibox involves different actorss, ranging from design to recycling. All parties engaged in the value chain are locatedes in France.

  • Design : che project was born behind the scenes of the society 1rdesign located in Savoy ;
  • Design : product designs is entrusted to the agency C+B Lefebvre in Isere. This is a true reference in the universe decorative arts and industrial creation ;
  • The making : products are designed in the Loire (42), at un actor committed to the protection of the environment;
  • The recycling : the brand collaborates with PRODHAG for the recycling of end-of-life products. Indeed, Selectibox can resumethe productsif you client want to change model Or other. To avoid any form of waste, products unused or at the end of their life are sent at PRODHAG to be crushed.

The brand's commitments Selectibox

Selectibox agrees to provide high quality products, designed in the best conditions. Moreover, all the baskets of the brand are covereds with a 5 year warranty. They can be taken back at the end of their life to integrate the recycling process.

In addition to high products range, the brand also invests efforts in client service. Besides, order taking are made in a simple way and fast. The team ensures that each request is processed within at least 24 hours.


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