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Edition and distribution of eco design products


Publishing agency, we market designer products that meet our values, eco design products


We distribute designer and innovative products, ours of course, but also those of brands that meet our selection criteria.


Can't find the ideal product on the market?
We take care of the design of your future product, from A to Z


We make the link between all the actors to arrive at the finished product:
designer, design office, mold maker, industrialist, etc.

Tools for sorting waste

Educational selective sorting bin,
tailor-made, 100% made in France

The bulk tool

An Ecoboite to facilitate
bulk purchases

CQUADRI - Show your eco-commitment The reusable bottle 100% recycled and 100% made in France

Show your eco-commitment

The reusable bottle
100% recycled and 100% made in France

The ecological fountain

Keeps drinks hot or cold without electricity

Innovates in water filtration

Design and innovative systems
water filtration

Let's reduce plastic pollution

The widest choice of reusable and customizable bottles

LA BARAQUE A HUILE - Optimizes the collection of Used Food Oils Facilitates the voluntary supply of used oils to waste reception centers

Optimizes oil collection

Facilitates the voluntary contribution of used oils to waste reception centers

Products published by my eco-design

Edition of nomadic PET bottles


Our nomadic PET bottles were born from a request from a customer looking for a reusable bottle (not single-use), in 100% recyclable plastic, made in France, with a large marking area to improve its reputation.

Here is the result, our range of PET bottles 50 cl, with polypropylene cap, the whole made on French territory.

Some models are available for edition, contact us!


ISOTEA, our insulated and transparent tea fountain


At the request of spas managers and tea shops, we have designed and marketed ISOTEA, the 1st insulated and transparent tea fountain, without electrical connection.

The transparency of the glass makes it possible to highlight the drink served or sold.

This drink dispenser is now available in our shop my eco-design

Edition of the Selectibox sorting baskets brand


From the idea (ours!) To the finished product!

A fine example of our know-how with the brand Selectibox, our brand of eco design sorting bins marketed to meet the demands of our customers, hotels, businesses and communities.

Ultra-personalization of the baskets is possible thanks to local manufacture, in Ain (France).
All products are made from recycled and / or recyclable materials.
An eco-design approach has been carried out for these design baskets.

my eco-design ensures the distribution of Selectibox baskets in France and abroad.

Aquaovo water fountain, edited by my eco design


In 2012, we took over the manufacturing of the eco design water fountain by Aquaovo.
Originally made in China, we surrounded ourselves with local partners for the porcelain manufacture, we also sourced almost all the accessories: the bases are made in France, the taps in Belgium, etc.

my eco-design today distributes this filter jug ​​to individuals and professionals in France and Europe.

The Oil Shed


More than a product, a service offered and accepted by waste collectors.
The Oil Shack aims to optimize the collection and recycling of used cooking oil.

When design enters waste collection centers ... a communicative and efficient system

The oil hut is installed in a waste reception center. Oliboxes, 3,5-liter buckets, are given free of charge to households in order to facilitate the voluntary contribution ofhuile de friture in recycling center.

Today we market La Baraque à Huile. The managers of the equipped waste reception centers and the waste collectors concerned attest that the quality of the oil is better with this system, that more users are bringing their used oil to the recycling center, and are delighted to have a clean space dedicated to this dirty waste!

my eco-design in a few words


Initially distributor of ecological design products, we quickly realized that there were shortages in certain markets, which could not always meet the needs of our customers.

Instead of resigning ourselves, we have evolved into the profession ofeditor. Throughout the projects, we have surrounded ourselves with trusted service providers to be able to offer a global service, from design to delivery of finished products. We are currently working with various designers who are in line with our eco-design values.

We transform your idea or your need into a successful product that meets your expectations and the expectations of your market.

Is your need specific?

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