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Acquadri® was born from the will of democratize the act of drinking tap water. We have created an elegant and economical bottle to be produced in France with the maximum functional advantages.

Compact, unbreakable, using the minimum of material while being durable, easy to clean and fill, pleasant to use with a specially designed neck diameter ... All the qualities of a nomadic bottle have been concentrated in Reusable Acquadri bottles !

Design must help spread responsible uses!

Here is the only result

Acquadri: a committed and eco-responsible brand of personalized bottles

It is no longer a secret: the consequences of the production and use of plastics are disastrous. Indeed, this material is the cause of innumerable environmental disorders, to mention only pollution, soil depletion, the disappearance of species or even global warming. At the end of its life, it is thrown into nature or incinerated, with little possibility of recycling. In order to reduce the colossal quantity of plastic circulating in France, many brands have embarked on the design of eco-responsible bottles.

The mark of ACQUADRI personalized bottles is one of the entities involved in this cause. She specializes in manufacture of reusable bottles.

The origin of the ACQUADRI brand

ACQUADRI was born from an awareness of the impact of disposable plastic water bottles. Indeed, these would represent more than 14% of non-recyclable waste. According to the studies carried out, France would even be among the main consumers of bottled water.

Faced with this alarming situation, My Eco Design decided to create the ACQUADRI brand. This is an eco-responsible solution that reduces or even bans the use of disposable water bottles.

Our ACQUADRI personalized bottles are designed by real experts. They are the result of an eco-design approach. Here are the main stages of this development process:

  • Creation : the team tries to meet the needs of users. It also takes into account the various environmental issues to which the brand can respond. To do this, it relies on a particularly rich database and innovative creation tools;
  • The edition: the team then studies the integration of the products in the market. She thinks of the different solutions allowing not only local, but also sustainable production. Different engineers are involved in this step;
  • The distribution : Once the project is completed, the products are distributed throughout France.

Eco-designed products

The ACQUADRI brand offers you 100% eco-responsible reusable bottles. These fall into 2 main categories.

Personalized bottles, the ideal promotional item

The brand offers you the possibility of obtaining fully customizable products. This product line allows front and/or back side printing. You can print the decor of your choice on it. A name personalization is also possible. The personalized water bottle from ACQUADRI can be used daily to replace the disposable bottle. Just fill it with tap water. This makes it a useful advertising object, design, with meaning.

This range of products is intended for professionals from all sectors of activity. It allows you to print the logo or the values ​​of your company on the facets of the bottle (front and/or back). This kind of goodies made in France can be distributed to customers, prospects or employees, depending on your company's communication strategy.

The particularities of ACQUADRI products

Our ACQUADRI advertising bottles are distinguished by their design, their method of manufacture and their uses.

Many customization possibilities

The brand offers many customization possibilities:

  • Colors: you will find on the site a wide range of colors, ranging from the most basic to the most original. For custom colors, the brand imposes a minimum of 5 units. In this case, the bottle will be manufactured with the Pantone reference of your choice;
  • Reasons: graphic designer friends, this bottle is made for you. 2 large customization areas are available. It is easy to play on a transparency effect for a unique rendering.
  • Capacity: 2 capacities are available: 50 cl and 75 cl.
  • Tailor-made design: you can also choose the shape of your bottle from the models offered on the site. This is another innovation of the reusable water bottle, particularly interesting if you want to bring originality to your advertising campaign. We have designs free to edit, reserve yours!

Eco-responsible production

ACQUADRI is a brand committed to protecting the environment. The very essence of the brand is to offer an alternative to the single-use bottle, to the disposable bottle.

Then, Acquadri is a alternative to the promotional bottle made in Asia. Most promotional bottles are imported from Asia. An ecological disaster since they are transported empty, these brands carry air!

The material chosen for this advertising bottle is an RPET100, a 100% recycled PET. This PET is also recyclable at the end of its life. You will be able to place them in the bins of sorting of waste according to the legislation in force.

The raw materials used for the manufacture of ACQUADRI bottles can be inserted into different recycling processes.

The production team has put in place a strategy to use a minimum of material, while obtaining a resistant and solid bottle in all tests. ACQUADRI products are easy to clean, which also makes it possible to limit the cleaning water or the use of cleaners of all kinds.

Advertising bottles 100% Made in France

The brand highlights the "Made in France" for better traceability of the value chain.

This approach allows the brand to limit its ecological footprint and reduce the production circuit. It is also an important gesture in favor of the planet. In addition to preserving the environment, the brand contributes to the development of the local economy.

The label " Made in France is also a guarantee of quality. Indeed, the standards imposed for obtaining this kind of qualification are particularly strict.

Multipurpose bottles

ACQUADRI bottles can be prepared for different uses. They can be used as a water bottle. They can also be ordered as packaging for cosmetics, food, etc. Some companies use it to defend certain causes such as incitingwater saving in seminar Or other.


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