Selectibox 3-bin sorting bin made in France by My Eco Design

Sorting bin 3 bins

Compose your 3-bin sorting basket depending on the waste you want to collect.
Residual or recyclable waste, paper, cardboard, glass or even cups.
Choose from our colors to make it a design and discreet basket or at the limit a didactic and colorful basket.
Ultra-personalization according to Selectibox

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32% discount from 21 units

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You plan to implement a fundraising strategy within your your establishment? Choose a 3-bin sorting basket ! It's a trash can ergonomic from the Selectibox brand. A real reference on the market, this range of products meets the needs of professionals, et this, whatever their field of activity: company, community, hotel room, etc.

The success of this 3-bin sorting basket is based on 3 criteria, especially its modern design, its solidity foolproof and above all its eco-responsible aspect. It's up to you to choose between the different colors offered on the site.

My Eco Design its formed a strong reputation in waste sorting. Find in this category the best models of trash cans collection 3 bins offered by Selectibox. These are intéwill fit perfectly into your environment professional and will bring a revolution in your waste management.

Dial vour 3-bin sorting basket depending on the waste to collect! If you have specific needs, know that it is quite possible to customize your bins Selectibox. All will depend on your strategy sorting and different intended uses.

SELECTIBOX TERTIO: a modular basket as desired

The Tertio bin range from Selectibox is appreciatede for its multiple functions. Indeed, each bin can contain 3 types of waste. It's your turn modulate them according to the waste to be collected within your establishment.

A modern and clean design

This trash can stays true to the modern design and simplistic much appreciated in Selectibox products. Thanks to its shape longitudinal, she peut be installed along a wall, behind a door or even under an office table.

The container contains buckets of different colors which can accommodate different categories of waste. Each container is composed of 2 seaux 3,5 liters. These are removable to best suit the intended uses. It's up to you to multiply the number of containers !

A material eco-responsible and resistant

The 3-bin sorting bin is designede from 100% recyclable polypropylene. This is a material that is unalterable and easy to maintain on a daily basis. It will resist all external aggressions, in particular bumps, scratches, etc. The design of sorting bins eliminates plastic bags. Thanks to the presence of a radiated background, your ecological bin is easy to clean.

Made in France manufacture

Sorting binsigneouses Selectiboxes are 100% made in France. In addition to becoming a major player in the preservation of the ecosystem, you also participate au development of the national economy. Indeed, you bring your support to the local workforce and contribute to job creation for French citizens. Choose one basket " Made in France " is also a guarantee of quality. The whole production process complies with strict standards, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of products finished.


By ordering a 3-bin sorting basket, you receive a self-adhesive board made up of 6 pictograms. It's your turn choose pictograms best suited to your needs.

A wide range of colors

With the wide range of colors available on the site, it can be difficult to meet there. System color code was thought for simplifying sorting and avoid to mix the different categories of waste. It also facilitates the rrecycling.

The green bucket

The green bin is intended glass waste : jars, bottles, broken ice, etc. You can also y put your cans. Nevertheless, Think of to take off plastic lids and caps.

Le recycling of glass waste reduces the huge CO2 emissions produced by industrial sites responsible.

The yellow bucket

The yellow bin can contain all your plastic waste, from bottles to packaging. You can put the plugs in it and plastic lids not suitable for the green bin. If you do not have a blue bin, you can place your cardboard and paper waste in the yellow bin. It is also possible to use a yellow bin to put the waste in recyclable steel or aluminum (trays, bottles, cans, cans, etc.).

By participating in the recycling of plastic, you contribute to the reduction of consumption in oil needed to make new materials.

The blue bucket

This trash can is essentially intended for cardboard waste and in paper. You can put there scraps of paper, newspapers, magazines, the packagings in paper, directories, envelopes, etc. Make sure that paper or cardboard waste thrown into a blue bin isent without dirt (grease, etc.).

Sorting paper waste makes it possible to participate in the recycling process. In this sense, you are involved in reducing deforestation for the manufacture of new papers and cardboards.

The gray or black bucket

Use the gray or black bin for your standard waste or residual waste. s'acts waste not taken into account by other basket models.

Sorting residual waste limits pollution and protects the planet against the dangerous waste. Grouping them together allows simplify their disposal.

The bucket terracotta

La terracotta trash can is used to place waste incompatible with recycling. You can also place there your cartridges, your dead batteries, as well as scrap metal not recyclable.

These color codes are not mandatorys. This is a general rule that you can adapt in terms of your selective sorting system in business.


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