Sorting waste at school with Selectibox

Sorting waste at school

Simply set up the selective sorting at school, in the classrooms!
Sorting waste becomes fun, it's up to you to set up an awareness campaign 100% made in France!

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Sorting waste at school

In the world, several billion tons of waste are producedeevery year. However, the most of this impressive amount of residues fort in discharge, causing thus disastrous pollution on the ecosystem. To try to reverse the trend, more and more sectors investt in le recycling and management garbage.

These last years, lots ofeducational institutions started to approach leducation in waste recovery. Looking Are you in the educational field and you want to take the step? Choose My Eco Design as a partner of your projects.

Selective sorting of waste: a responsible initiative for your school

The theme of waste deserves a particularly important place in school curricula. This is a real environmental issue which should be more often discussed to children. In this sense, la establishment of a system of sorting in your school would probably be a great way tocontribute. Moreover, the school kids can reproduce these gestures at home. Here are some tips for making your project a success.

Define the types of waste in question

The first thing to do is to make an inventory in terms of waste. This will allow you to identify the different types of waste and think about necessary devices for their collection. In a general way, schools produce mostly cardboard and paper waste. They can also produce food waste or plastic.

Choose sorting bins

Once the categories of waste are identified, you can choose the devices collection best suited. Bet on basketsthe enough attractive to stir up the cstudent curiosity. It will also take choose some models easy to use so that they are accessible to all age groups. Indeed, it is important that everyone knows what these bins are for, even toddlers.

Your baskets must respect the dedicated color codes waste sortingts :

  • Blue for paper waste ;
  • Yellow for waste recyclable ;
  • green for waste made of colored glass ;
  • Black or gray for residual waste.

To facilitate the task of your maintenance agents, give priority a bin that is easy to empty and clean on a daily basis. She should also be light and practical to facilitate its transportation. Also choose of a tank with a capacity adapted to the volume of waste to collect. It would be a shame if your sorting bin is full before the end of the day.

In order to respect the principles of sustainable development, it would be interesting to choose trash cans made from eco-responsible materials.

timefortunately, My Eco Design offers everything you will need to set up selective sorting within your educational establishment. You will find in this category the signed sorting basketses SELECTIBOX. These have been specially designed for the school environment. The sorting bins available on the site are delivered with pictograms allowing you to indicate the type of waste to dispose of in each compartment.

Selectibox sorting bins are delivered with communicating posters

To inform the children and teachers of the existence of a system of three, it is important to make suitable posters. These have to be playful and attractive to encourage students to participate in the project. Hang your posters in classrooms, the break room, the bulletin board as well as the staff room. The posters delivered with your S binsELECTIBOX include areas intended sticking post-it notes.

This is an opportunity to organize a creative awareness session

Involve the students by having them stick the post-its. This will make them aware of sorting waste and teach them the right things from an early age.

Where to set up sorting bins at school ?

It is important to install sorting bins Has strategic places and easily identifiable. A good choice of locationss can help you ensure the success of the project.

In the classrooms

Il is important to place une trash can selective sorting in every classroom. So, devices will be within easy reach of children. Each teacher will be able to explain the use of baskets easier. Urban artist this helps to integrate a new habit into the routine of schoolchildren. Create a dedicated area, next to the door, it's perfect! 

In the teachers' room

Much more than the pupils, the teachers must be the first to participate in this kind of project. It's up to them to show the good example et actively participate in the success of selective sorting within the school. For all these reasons, consider installing a trash can in the teachers' room and in offices.

In the room of breakfast

The room of breakfast is one of the places with the most waste within a school. This is why it is important to provide selective sorting bins with a capacity bigger.

In the hallways

Passageways such as hallways are strategic areas where it is important to install waste sorting bins.

My Eco Design: a trusted partner for your project

My Eco Design is a company committed to the preservation of the environment. This launched its collection of waste sorting device for schools : SELECTIBOX SCHOOL.

You will benefit from baskets that are both solid and resistant to various external attacks. Urban artist you have the possibility to customize them according to the needs of your educational establishment. Items offered on My Eco Design are entirely recyclable et 100% Made in France. grace to the didactic system and communicating, you will have no mal at inintegrate trash cans in the daily lives of your students and the body teacher. More than simple baskets, My Eco Design you offers a real program pedagogic.


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