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Le Régal is a French brand that offers design and eco-friendly wooden utensils, to share convivial moments of French delicacies.
For the home or for professional use, Le Régal products are signed Design C + B Lefebvre.
Caterers, restaurants, hotels, some products can be personalized with the logo of your establishment.

Le Régal is a French brand launched by Baudry SA, une manufacturing reference accessories in wood and coated profiles Baudry SA. Il highlights a whole range of kitchen boards and planksoak wood appetizer specially levied of Franche-Comte. He is among the brands of products distributed by Eco Design.

The origins of the Le Régal brand

The regal was born in 1906. Originally it was ae cannery renowned for making cans and containers for vegetables of all kinds.

Classified as “industrial heritage”, the brand was spotted and bought by the company Baudry. This decides to keep brand identityue while bringing a new inspiration with woodworking massive. More than just a merger, this marked an alloy of know-how and experience in woodworking.

The realization of this new project involved 3 partners, in particular Yan Le Nevé, Fabrice Guiet and Catherinee Pitard. The idea is to combine the'table art to the nobility of wood. Each product from the brand pwould ordain real values en honor nature and work craft.

From 1971,lhas society was recognized in la manufacture of furniture. In 2019, she decided de get intos a new adventure. Indeed, The regal entered the design market tableware and wooden kitchen utensils. To date, the company has more than 50 years of solid wood machining. It masters all shaping techniques with respect for the material and the environment.

The Le Régal brand is intended for those who are attached to French know-how. It offers perfectly reliable tools and quality. The wood was specially chosen for its nobility, practicality and its durability. Moreover, it is the ideal material for cut, serve or share.

What are the brand's commitments?

Le Régal is a historic brand that has knew how to adapt to each generation. Il has made a name for itself in the production of deco boardsuper and tasting shovels. More than just an economic actor, he is driven by real convictions, especially in terms of for sustainable majorable. Over the years, he knew how to adapt to the new French standards and European.

Designer products and respectful of the environment

The brand specializes in manufacture of designer wooden kitchen utensils. His ambition is to leave a mark in each room in your house, whether kitchen, living room or dining room.

The regal draws on the talent, creativity and experience of designer Bruno Lefebvre. It is the signatory of the charter of eco-designers. Il draws each range of products with the greatest care. Cutting boards, sharing boards, serving platters... All products from the brandeu are carried out in strict compliance des parameters of sustainable development. Moreover, the company attaches importance particular to enhancement of the entire timber chain.

Team cooperates with 100% French wood production sites. En effect, elle collect the woods near private groupsand and eco-managed state forests. Sampling follows a specific process in order to best respect the cycle de natural regeneration. Indeed, the woods are only selected at maturity. This allows to comply with the sustainable management of French forests. It favors the short circuit in order to limit its ecological footprint (emission of greenhouse gases, transport, etc.).

The company also takes a look particular to the traceability of its products. In this sense, elle ensures that each piece is with a mark specifying his year Manufacturing as well as the origin of the wood used.

The entire manufacturing process happens in the heart of France. The workshop is located in Torfou, in the Pays de la Loire. Moreover, the brand actively participate to job creation local and promotes historical know-how. It has implemented a strategy in order to limit the loss of materiale. All its packaging is fully recyclable.

Products from the Le Régal brand

The regal offers 3 major product lines. These are all intended to lovers of art of cooking. They allow you to prepare and taste an aperitif in a spirit of sharing and conviviality.

cutting boards

Element star de your kitchen, cutting board allows cut and to decide your ingredients with ease (vegetables, fruits, breads, meats, terrine, cheeses, charcuterie, etc.). It comes in different forms depending on your needs and the configurations of your food. You can choose a large format model for be able to prepare a large quantity of ingredients. The brand also has templates for separating the ingredients to be cut and those that will be kept. It also offers a cutting board with pestle.

Aperitif scoops

Signed aperitif shovelses Le Régal will allow you to present your appetizers with care. They have been designed to enhance your creations and participate in your moments of sharing. You choose among the different models offered. These are of different shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose a XL shovel fore board to share. You can opt for a medium format or une board to share version mini for individual preparations.

wine shovels

Le Régal also offers wooden wine scoops. These combine the pleasure of a good glass of wine andan assortment of delicacies. Discover the full range ofwooden cocktail plate and trays.

Other wooden utensils are being designed, follow us to discover them.


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