Management of waste

Easier waste collection with ctrash cans sorting

Turnkey eco-designed sorting bins and manufactured in France to facilitate and promote waste collection.
Designed for professional use in companies, communities, hotels, etc.

Each company, whatever its field of activity, has its role to play in preserving the planet. The waste management represents a major axis in the achievement of this objective. In addition to being
an eco-responsible gesture, it reduces the costs associated with waste treatment. Done
trust My Eco Design to accompany you.

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Easier waste collection with sorting bins

Le waste sorting represents a real challenge for companies in the XNUMXst century. Indeed, it is a way to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals. Sorting is not limited to the industrial sector. Hotels, restaurants and even schools are also mobilized to categorize waste in order to facilitate the recycling process. Whatever the sector of activity, this type of initiative remains essential for the preservation of the planet. The introduction of a sorting system also represents considerable marketing interest. This not only makes it possible to stand out from the competition, but also to convey eco-responsible values ​​to customers.

Invest in thepurchase of a sorting bin to help save the planet. This type of device exists in different models, according to needs and budgets.

My Eco Design: a trusted partner for your eco-responsible approach

In recent years, My Eco Design has built up an iron reputation in the sale of essential devices for the implementation of eco-responsible strategies. Among the most popular are the famous Selectibox sorting baskets. These facilitate the collection of waste. Indeed, a sorting bin has several sections to separate the different types of waste:

  • Residual waste: peelings, etc.
  • Recyclable waste: boxes, bottles, aluminum or plastic containers, bottles, etc.
  • Paper: newspapers, flyers, magazines, etc.
  • Glass: broken glass, glass containers (without lids), etc.

My Eco Design represents only Made in France brands, which is a guarantee of quality.

Selectibox: a brand at the service of environmental issues

The essence of the brand

Selectibox is a brand designed by the 1r design company, in the same way as the Acquadri or Vrabox brand. Originally, the Selectibox sorting baskets were intended for hotel establishments. In addition, the proposed models are perfectly adaptable to other sectors of activity.

The principle of Selectibox bins is simple: facilitate the sorting of waste. They provide valuable assistance in setting up a selective sorting strategy within an establishment. They contribute to raising awareness of environmental pressures. Above all, they make it possible to implement an ecological approach and communicate it to customers.

Eco-responsible bins made in France

Selectibox brand bins are entirely made in France. They are made from 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. The 1rdesign company also favors a short distribution circuit in order to limit the ecological footprint.

How to choose your sorting bin?

Do you want to engage in an ecological and responsible approach? start with introduce selective sorting in your business or home. All you need is a suitable sorting basket. This can be for collective use or for the exterior. To make the right choice, you must take into account a few criteria.

The intended location

It is important to define the location of your sorting bin in order to determine the number of bins required as well as the material of the device in question. For example, if you plan to install a sorting bin in the kitchen or in the break room, you will need to choose a model with at least 3 bins. These will make it possible to sort paper, recyclable waste and residual waste. On the other hand, a trash can for office, a meeting room or even a bathroom requires only 2 bins, especially for plastic and paper. If you plan to install a sorting bin outside, consider choosing a weatherproof model.

Affected users

Also consider the number of users. This will allow you to determine the volume of the trash. If it is a device for common use, opt for a basket of about 60 to 80 liters. For a bin for an individual office, a model with a capacity of 15 to 30 liters may be sufficient. You should also consider how often the waste will be collected.

The type of waste

The choice of a sorting bin should also be based on the type of waste to be collected. You may need a simple trash can to sort paper and plastic. Also, you may need additional bins for organic waste, batteries, cigarette ends, ink cartridges, etc.

Selectibox bin models available on My Eco Design

The Selectibox brand offers a wide choice of sorting bins:

  • Selectibox Tertio : 3 bins for sorting waste from an apartment, a hotel room or other;
  • Selectibox Duo : 2 bins for sorting different types of waste of your choice (glass, organic matter, paper, cans, etc.);
  • Selectibox Uno : 1 compact and practical bin for collecting one type of waste;
  • Qube : bathroom trash can with a removable bucket;

The idea is to provide bins that are both ecological and functional. The models from Selectibox are recognized for their sober design, meeting all needs. In addition, you have a wide choice of colors for better organization.

With My Eco Design, it is possible to personalize your baskets by placing your logo on them. Everything is flexible according to your specifications!


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