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Discover our design, innovative solutions,
environmentally friendly,
for professionals and individuals

Tools for sorting waste

Educational selective sorting bin,
tailor-made, 100% made in France

The bulk tool

An Ecoboite to facilitate
bulk purchases

CQUADRI - Show your eco-commitment The reusable bottle 100% recycled and 100% made in France

Show your eco-commitment

The reusable bottle
100% recycled and 100% made in France

The ecological fountain

Keeps drinks hot or cold without electricity

Innovates in water filtration

Design and innovative systems
water filtration

Let's reduce plastic pollution

The widest choice of reusable and customizable bottles

LA BARAQUE A HUILE - Optimizes the collection of Used Food Oils Facilitates the voluntary supply of used oils to waste reception centers

Optimizes oil collection

Facilitates the voluntary contribution of used edible oils to waste reception centers

A tailor-made design of your nomadic bottle

A tailor-made design, 100% French manufacture, develop your own reusable bottle.


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

Hotel / Spa

Hoteliers, spa managers, housekeepers, discover our design solutions consistent with your environmental approach.
Better water and waste management, functional products designed

Company / Community

Design and durable products to equip your offices, meeting rooms, reception area, etc.
Simple solutions to implement concrete actions for sustainable development.


The design of our products will help you change your habits, adopt a more responsible and healthier lifestyle. Limit your plastic consumption, we advocate the use of noble materials!

Why choose ceramic for a home water filter?

Looking for an economical and simple way to have healthy water at home or in the office, are you thinking of opting for a filter fountain? Why not combine business with pleasure by choosing a ceramic water filter? Indeed, this noble material is at the...

Spark to go: an innovation of the reusable water bottle!

Today we want to present to you an innovative project that remains in line with the values ​​of MY ECO DESIGN. Spark to go presents the new reusable water bottle that carbonates itself. A completely surprising and responsible project for the environment!...

Made in France: recycled wooden bow ties

Today we are going to present you a Made in France concept which highlights customizable products such as bow ties. Pap's knots is a brand with great values ​​and a very important ecological approach. Here's a little more...

Why set up selective sorting in companies?

Sorting waste has become an essential activity in the daily life of homes, but also of businesses. This very important gesture makes it possible to change many things, including the protection of the planet. Selective sorting in companies is widely practiced in order to...

What are the possible customizations of the French Acquadri advertising bottle?

The French Acquadri® water bottle is an advertising water bottle that offers many possibilities for marking and personalization. The markings are unique and of photo quality to make it a bottle in the image of a brand, a company. The reusable bottle...

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