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Selection of eco design products for your hotel / spa

Improve the service of your hot or cold drinks, offer quality filtered water while saving costs, collect your waste from the hotel room, our eco design products have been designed for you

Provide filtered water in your hotel

Whether for a spa, a fitness room, a lobby or a meeting room, our eco design water fountains allow you to save money while bringing a touch of natural design to your hotel.
Ecological, economical and aesthetic

A bathroom trash can, with cover and without mechanism
No more pedal bins with fragile mechanisms

Qube is an innovation that allows you to have a stainless steel bin, with lid, without a mechanism.
Finally a design, solid and durable trash can to equip your bathrooms.
A bin that attaches to the wall to facilitate floor cleaning.


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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