Our eco design solutions to your needs

We have designed and selected our products to meet your needs. In direct contact with our customers, by dint of listening, we understood your expectations in order to offer you functional and fair, innovative and design products. You will find answers to your needs whether you are a hotel / spa, a business / community, a prescirteur or an individual.

Hotel & Spa

Hotelier, spa manager, some of your needs are presented in this category.
With of course our recommendations and our solutions.
All of our products have been designed for professional use.

Company / Community

The needs presented in this category are for you, the company and the community. From small businesses to large accounts, including administrations, our products meet some of your needs.
Our clients: businesses of all types and sizes, communities, hospitals / clinics, communication agencies, etc.
All of our products have been designed for professional use.


Architect, decorator, designer, discover the needs of your clients in this category.
Contact us if the eco design solutions we recommend may be of interest to your customers,
we will help you formulate the best offer.

For the House

What are your needs, your expectations for living in your home in a sustainable way, in a designer atmosphere?
Discover our eco design products designed for the home.

Is your need specific?

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