Selectibo, sorting bin 2 bins, made in France

Sorting bin 2 bins

Selectibox offers its 2-bin sorting basket to equip company or community offices, hotel rooms, etc.
Compose your design basket according to the waste to be collected.

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Invest in this 2-bin sorting basket to optimize your waste collection strategy. This model of bin signed Selectibox has been specially designed to adapt to all needs in the professional environment.

Design, light and modular, this bin made in France is suitable for all uses in waste sorting. It can be adjusted according to the waste to be collected: paper, glass, cups, etc. It's up to you to choose from the different colors available on the site.

My Eco Design is a trusted partner for setting up waste sorting within your establishment. . The site provides you with the best selections of 2-bin sorting bins. More than simple devices, the collection bins offered for sale on the site bring a real revolution in the internal organization of a company. Their implementation represents a significant step towards the protection of the planet.

SELECTIBOX DUO: your ergonomic and ultra-modern sorting bin

The Selectibox DUO range has interesting features, making it the ideal collection for all needs.

Everyday practicality

Thanks to a DUO bin signed Selectibox, the collection of your waste will be much simpler. Composed of 2 compartments in 1, your basket will allow you to effectively separate your waste without having to invest in several individual bins. If you have to sort several types of waste, you can very well invest in several 2-bin sorting bins. You can also complete it with a sorting basket 1 bin for a larger collection of paper for example.

In addition to the professional environment, this range of sorting bins can be perfectly adopted by individuals. It's a great way to change your lifestyle and take part in waste recovery.

A basket 100% Made in France

This is a model entirely made in France, which is a guarantee of quality. All the bins from this collection are made by qualified French workers. By choosing products from My Eco Design, you not only participate in the preservation of the ecosystem, but also support the local economy. Each DUO basket is designed from a recyclable material to best reduce the ecological footprint.

The color codes

In addition to installing the bins in strategic locations, it is important to set up color codes in order to better guide users. Each color corresponds to a specific category of waste:

  • Green bin: the green color is generally intended for glass objects without stoppers and lids. You can also simply love green and bring a touch of natural design into your office.
  • yellow bin : this device is dedicated to plastic waste (without caps), packaging and thick cardboard, generally recyclable waste.
  • blue bin : A blue sorting bin is designed for newspapers, flyers and other paper waste.
  • black tray or grey: this bin is suitable for residual waste.

Of course, you don't have to follow these imposed colors, especially for an office or a hotel room. However, it is important to mark the bins with a label to indicate the type of waste to be disposed of in each compartment.

At My Eco Design, each bin comes with a sheet of 6 self-adhesive pictograms, allowing you to organize yourself as you wish.

Why is it important to invest in a recycling bin?

Any company is perceived as being a producer or holder of waste, regardless of the sector of activity in question. As the regulations in force require, each organization is responsible for its waste, until its elimination or final recovery. This applies to both public and private institutions.

La setting up a 2-bin sorting bin within your company helps you meet new market demands. This type of device allows you to:

  • Categorize and efficiently sort your waste;
  • Store waste while limiting the risks to the environment;
  • Facilitate waste recovery (reuse, recycling or other alternatives to direct disposal);
  • Use the services of an approved waste collection service provider.

For whom is this 2-bin sorting bin intended?

As mentioned above, the installation of a selective sorting bin is dedicated to any company generating waste.


Using a 2-bin sorting bin in a school is an excellent way tointroduce younger generations to the preservation of the ecosystem. It is a way of transmitting important values ​​to children. To do this, simply place the selective sorting bins in each classroom. Moreover, a trash can with 2 compartments can be enough to introduce students to an ecological gesture.

The establishment of an ecological bin within a school is an important pillar in environmental education. Students will be able to actively engage in a project and will be motivated to participate. Just teach them the meaning of color codes and labels.


In recent years, it has become common to find sorting bins in hotel rooms. Much more than a simple means of engaging in an ecological approach, the installation of this type of device makes it possible to introduce customers to sorting gestures. It is also a means of making the best use of the waste produced within the establishment.


In recent years, companies have been encouraged to promote sustainable development and made aware of their environmental footprint. Install a 2-bin sorting bin in an office is a gesture that is not only ecological, but above all practical for your employees. It is also a way of optimizing waste management within a company.


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