ISOJUICE, isothermal juice fountain in double glass wall

  • Design and isothermal juice fountain
  • The transparency of the glass for a unique tasting experience
  • Double-walled glass that keeps your drink cool for at least 4 hours (depending on the outside temperature)
  • No electrical connection
  • Removable cooling bar
  • Materials: glass, natural and food-grade cork, brass, stainless steel
  • 3 liter capacity
  • Also suitable for all types of drinks, hot or cold

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La ISOJUICE isothermal juice fountain keeps your drinks cold for at least 4 hours thanks to the double glass wall. This will of course depend on the outside temperature. The cooling cartridge will help you keep freshness even longer.
The transparency of the glass will allow you to highlight the drink you are serving ...

This juice fountain, design C + B Lefebvre, has been designed for professional use, tea shop, hotel breakfast buffet, catering, etc. You can easily imagine preparing your mojito in this fountain, at home ...

A 100% my eco design product

Design and innovation:

The transparency of the glass makes it possible to show the drink you are serving and thus to better sell your drink while reassuring your customers.
Compact, it is easy to position several ISOJUICE next to each other, for a remarkable and noticeable visual effect.

The natural glass material ensures that your drink does not taste bad. It does not stain. Your customers will not get burned by touching the exterior wall.

The tap, made in Belgium, will allow your customers to use themselves directly. It is equipped with an anti-drip system.

The diameter of the inner tube is large enough to fit your hand through it, making cleaning easier.

 The design is signed C + B Lefebvre.

How the ISOJUICE isothermal juice fountain works:

Just fill the ISOJUICE designer samovar with your drink, juice, cocktail or other. The capacity is 3 liters. It is quite possible to add pieces of fruit for example.

If you wish to use the stainless steel cooling bar, place it in the refrigerator at least 1/2 hour before serving.

To place this freezer bar, remove the small top cork stopper, put the bar in it, replace the cork stopper.

All you need to do is turn on the tap to serve yourself hot tea… for 4 hours!

A frosted effect will appear on the glass for an impression of maximum freshness and a unique visual effect.

Technical characteristics:

3 liters capacity
Materials: double glass wall, food and natural cork, brass, stainless steel
Keep cool for at least 4 hours (depending on the outside temperature)
Suitable for all types of drinks, hot or cold: tea, infusion, coffee, juice, cocktail, etc.
Dimensions: total height of 481 mm, diameter at the feet of 215 mm, diameter at the top of 180 mm, depth (including tap) of 289 mm
Tap height = 150 mm
Weight: 5,3 kg
Design C + B Lefebvre - Registered model


2 years, excluding accidental breakage
In the event of accidental breakage, we offer spare parts with a 30% discount, within the limit of 2 years after the date of purchase.

Delivery time:

1 week

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