LAORUS garden fountain with design accessories

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Discover Laorus garden fountains. A wide choice of colors is available to bring a touch of natural design to your exterior.

Laorus innovates in the sector of garden design, landscaping. The designer Patrick Nadeau knew how to revisit the traditional garden water fountain to offer a product design, contemporary, in the era of time.

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The Laorus company is recognized in the design of garden furniture and decorative objects. It is one of the Brands of products distributed by Eco Design. The fact thatlt is the history of the brand? Whatare the product ranges offered? Get all the answers in this topic.

History of the Laorus garden furniture brand

Lauros has born in Champagne-ArdenneIn 2011. It's about bya project developed by Claire Chopitel, in collaboration with designer Patrick Nadeau. Together they imagined a range of products in powder-coated steel. These are mainly dedicated à the decoration doutdoor spaces.

The fountains murals are elinseparable elements of the French landscape for many centuries. They are equally suitable to urban gardens than to rural spaces. The brand challenge is simple : design a declination much more contemporary of this great classic.

Claire Chopitel got startede in this adventure following a career change. After completing training in project management and in the design of industrial products, she decided to createer his own marwhich and make it a reference on the market. The name "Laorus" comes du Latin word "laurel" which means laurel. The young entrepreneur decided to base its brand image on this theme. It souhaite propose a design functional and aesthetic, which will blend in with nature.

A talented designer: Patrick Nadeau

Claire Chopitel decided to make trust a talented designer to create the prototypes. DPLG Architect, Patrick Nadeau has a degree in design. He easily obtained support from the Center National des Arts Plastiques and the VIA. Shortly after obtaining his diploma, he is invited by the French government and AFAA to spend a few days in Kyoto. La découverte de the superb Villa Kujoyama awakened in him a budding passion for contemporary gardens. This unfortunatly shoot à develop their own projectsn combining his skills for architecture, his passion for design and his interest in plants. Thanks to this approach singular, he gained the trust ofand many companies modern.

To this day, he puts his skills and talent at the service of the Lauros brand. At the same time, he runs a plant design workshop at the ESAD in Reims and at the Ecole Camondo in Paris. Beyond its technical skills Peerless, Patrick Nadeau is known for his artistic eye and his meticulousness.

The brand's designer products Laorus

The brand Laorus is a partner of trust for all landscaping projects. She specializes in the creation of objects and garden furniture unreleased.

Garden fountain and garden tap

La trademark Laorus has a wide range of garden fountains Made in France. These come in many designs. (wall-mounted or free-standing). They swill integrate perfectly with all styles of gardens.

Range Myrtifolia is considered to be the main product line of the marthat. She is available on the Eco Design website, your specialist in distribution of ecological products. You choose from a wide range of colors, ranging from more discreet to the liveliest. You will receive your garden fountain with a kit of rofull hoeing to facilitate installation. You benefit from a 10-year guarantee, a guarantee of quality.


La range of nesting boxes has been specially developede in favor of the protection of'ecosystem. Cevery design has been thought for ensure the comfort of the birds while adding a touch originality to the space in question.


The signed sundials Laorus will complete garden fountains for decoration in the air of the weatherps.

Outdoor showers

The brand has also expanded its activities in the creation of outdoor showers, whether for the garden or the swimming pool. She has wantedu highlight a unique design and modern as desired.


The plantersorus have been designed for vegetable cropseras and the flowers of the garden. They come in different colors and can be providedes specific accessories.

Basins and accessionevenings

For the maintenance of the garden, the brand offers many models of basins and watering cans. These offer a design ergonomic and perfectly contemporary.


The brand Thefart has also developed its own collection of tables and chairs for the garden. These pieces of furniture are available in many sizes and colors.

A French manufacturing brand

Laorus is above all a m100% French-made arch. Our Company collects raw materials from firms French and produces the parts within'a workshop situated en Champagne-Ardenne. Elle Join active to the economic development of the country through the creation of local jobs.

The label " Made in France " involves the respect fora strict specification. Compliance with these imposed standards allows the brand to meet market requirements. It also allows him to impose himself against competition.

A design process meticulously crafted

Each product signed Lafart is produced with the utmost care. The raw materials is selectedes according to strict quality criteria. Steel is at the heart of the value chain. In fact, this material has been specially selected for his resistance bad weather, its robustness in the face of shocks et surtout its longevity fstand the test of time. He's completely recyclable, which reduces l'ecological impact Laorus products.

To provide complete customer satisfaction, the brand covers its products with a 10-year warranty. This means thatand the purchase of a product from Laorus is an investment on the long term.

Personalized models for all tastes

The brand Laorus is keen to offer designs for all tastes. That is why elle offers a wide choice of colors. Each product of the brand is available in 15 different shades, which will allow everyone to find a model adapted to their garden. The team can also take into account bespoke models for specific sizes.


Our products are made and stored in France


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