Selectibox 1 bin sorting bin made in France by My Eco Design

1 bin sorting bin

Our bins of sorting collection 1 bin ou individual baskets to collect paper, glass, cups or even recyclable waste.
The Selectibox designer bins, made in France, are didactic to encourage the collection of waste in professional environments.

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Sorting bin bin 1

Choose a bin 1 sorting basket for practical, efficient and eco-responsible waste collection. This range of individual bins signed Selectibox will fit perfectly into a professional environment, whatever the sector of activity. 

A modern sorting bin that will adapt to all your needs, whether for the collection of glass, paper, cups, residual waste, etc. This basket made in France is available in different colors and designs. It all depends on your requirements and intended use! 


Do you plan to engage in an eco-responsible approach? Start by adopting a sorting system within your company. My Eco Design offers you its selection of 1-bin waste sorting baskets. You will be able to organize your waste by category, according to your professional activity. Get a discount from 2 units purchased!

Selectibox UNO: a practical solution for sorting your waste

Introducing selective sorting is a big step towards protecting the environment. In addition to transmitting important values ​​to your stakeholders, you become a major player in the recycling chain. The use of a sorting basket avoids mixing the different families of waste

A rigid, practical and stylish container

Let yourself be seduced by the Selectibox UNO collection! Each basket from this selection has a capacity of 13 liters and a weight of 695 g. The dimensions are as follows: 

  • Height: 30 cm
  • Length: 48 cm
  • Width: 17,5 cm

It's up to you to associate the single bins with each other, according to the categories of waste to be collected. You can also combine a UNO sorting bin with a DUO model

The color codes

Single boxes from Selectibox are available in different colours. In addition, each color corresponds to a specific category of waste. 

  • Green: the green bin is dedicated to glass waste. Be careful that there are no lids or caps!
  • Yellow: this color corresponds to recyclable waste such as plastic, packaging, cans or cardboard;
  • Blue: order one blue single tray to dispose of your paper waste. These include, for example, newspapers, prospectuses, directories, scraps of paper, etc. ;
  • Gray or black: the gray sorting bin or black allows you to dispose of residual waste.  

We also offer you Terracotta colored sorting baskets. In addition to providing a decorative touch, this bin can contain another category of waste such as organic matter, etc. 

An eco-responsible range

Beyond its contribution to selective sorting, the Selectibox UNO range highlights a 100% recyclable material for a low ecological impact. At the end of its life, your sorting bin can be reintegrated into other value chains. 

The brand uses quality polypropylene for the manufacture of the bins. This material is characterized by a high resistance to external aggressions (shocks, scratches, bad weather, etc.). In addition to its particularly interesting lifespan, it is easy to maintain on a daily basis.

Where should you place your 1-bin sorting basket? 

It is important to choose strategic locations for install your simple sorting bins. Once the location is defined, you can choose the number of indoor bins to install. Everything will depend on the crowds and the types of waste likely to be thrown away.  

For the office or meeting room

Don't leave trash lying around your workspace, whether it's an office or a meeting room. Among other things, you will need a sorting bin to throw away unnecessary documents, scraps of paper, bits of post-it, brochures, etc. Installing a sorting bin in an office will also empower your staff. For open-plan workspaces, consider placing several simple sorting bins in each corner of the room.

For the break room or other collective spaces

For this kind of place, you need to invest in a tumbler basket. We offer you the design model from Selectibox. Eco-designed, resistant and easy to install, this 13-litre waste bin will facilitate the collection of used cups. Its design has been specially thought out so that it is easy to use and empty. You should also think of a free-standing litter bin for the collection of glass waste. In this category, you will find bins with incomparable resistance to acids, solvents, shocks, etc. Also consider a sorting bin to be able to dispose of food waste. 

A customizable and French-made sorting bin

My Eco Design advocates "Made in France" to offer a guarantee of quality. It is for this reason that we distribute Selectibox brand products from 1r Design. All the products offered on the site are made in French workshops and call on the local know-how to open. In addition to participating in the protection of the planet, you contribute to the development of the local economy. 

Most of the products offered for sale on our site can be made to measure. It is possible to choose other dimensions or other colors. Let us know your needs. With the help of our suppliers, we will try to respond to your requests as soon as possible. You can also order personalized labels, depending on the nature of your activity. These labels provide the best orientation for users and collectors. 

Following the sorting, you can hire an external service provider to carry out the collection. You can also take care of the recycling yourself.


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