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Sorting bin 2 bottom or 3 bins, collection bin for paper, recyclable waste, glass, cups, etc.
Discover the entire range of Selectibox sorting bins, our 100% French brand which promotes the collection of waste in tertiary and hotel environments.
They are made up according to your waste sorting specifications.

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Integrate the selective sorting basket in the professional environment

According to the figures collected, each employee produces on average up to 150 kilos of waste per year. These are mainly made up of paper and cardboard that can be recycled. In recent years, the waste management has become a particularly important issue in the professional environment. This represents an essential pillar in the protecting the planet and in the implementation of a sustainable development approach. In this sense, theinstallation of a recycling bin imposes itself as a necessity to optimize the waste collection

Selectibox: a specialist in collective sorting in the workplace

Much more than just a range of baskets, Selectibox contributes to the integration of sorting within your business. Indeed, each model is designed to best meet the needs of users and the different possible uses. For example, you will find bins that are perfectly suited to offices and hotel rooms.  

Models offered by My Eco Design

My Eco Design works closely with the company 1r design for the distribution of eco-responsible devices. Selectibox sorting bins are among the most popular products on the site. They exist in 3 main categories: 

The choice of bins will depend entirely on the types of waste to be sorted and the planned layout. Each section corresponds to a waste category specific, thus optimizing the process of collecting and recycling

An ultra-thin design that is easy to integrate into the professional environment

Sorting bins signed Selectibox stand out for the finesse of their design and their lightness. They can fit perfectly into a workspace. They stretch in length, which simplifies their installation. You can easily hide them under the office table, in a corner of the room, behind the front door or other.

The design has also been thought out so that the device is easy to load and unload. The tray has no edges. This prevents deposits of dust and other dirt. This way, managers will take less time to empty your trash cans Selectibox waste sorting system. 

Perfectly modular models 

The bins manufactured by Selectibox can be modulated according to the needs of each company. Indeed, each basket can be compartmentalized, thanks to removable devices. It's up to you to organize them according to your use. To optimize the upper part of your trash can, consider using lids. This will prevent papers and other waste from scattering around. 

Different colors available

The Selectibox brand offers sorting bins in different colours. If you want to install discreet models, opt for gray, white or black bins. If you prefer to add a touch of color to your workspace, choose a green, blue, yellow or even rust model. Of course, you can follow the official color codes: 

  • Green for glass (without caps and lids);
  • Yellow for plastic;
  • Blue for paper and cardboard;
  • Gray or black for residual waste.

In addition to colors, you can also set up pictograms to guide users. This will indicate the type of waste to be disposed of in each sorting bin. At My Eco Design, it is quite possible to customize pictograms according to your business needs. It is also possible to order didactic supports to simplify the assimilation of the principle of sorting by the employees.

Strong and durable baskets

Selectibox brand baskets are made from fully recyclable polypropylene. This explains their solidity and their resistance to any test. The models do not require any specific maintenance. Simply clean them with conventional cleaning products and non-abrasive tools. 

If there is one point to remember, it is that Selectibox bins are 100% Made in France. This justifies the quality of the material and the precision of the finishes. 

How to set up waste sorting in business? 

The implementation of a waste sorting system in a company is done in several stages. 

Carry out a mapping of the company's waste

The first thing to do is to make a inventory of your business waste : sources, types, volumes, level of danger, etc. This will allow you to establish an action plan for implementing your sorting strategy. 

Collect all information on waste management

Find out about applicable regulations, existing local services as well as collection and recycling techniques. This will allow you to better frame your actions. 

Think about waste reduction

Before embarking on a sorting and collection strategy, it is important to think of a way to reduce the waste found in the inventory. Why not adopt the principle of zero waste? Also favor eco-responsible devices such as products from the company 1r design (reusable bottles, furniture, etc.). 

Invest in the sorting and storage of business waste 

Choose sorting bins adapted to the needs of your business. Think about both internal and external strategy. 

Organize waste collection

Think about what you will have to do with your waste after sorting. For example, you can call on specialized organizations or collaborate with nearby businesses. 

Recover waste

You can ensure that your waste has a second life, as the regulations require. You have different possibilities, including recycling, reuse or other types of recovery. Don't forget to follow up.


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