Shopping in bulk becomes easy with Vrabox


Vrabox, our reusable containers, 100% made in France, for the transport and storage of food purchased in bulk

So much to see... practical and sustainable solutions to promote the consumption of bulk food, to shop in bulk  !
To tend towards a zero waste approach and to reduce our environmental impact, it is essential tostop disposable packaging.
For it, do your shopping in bulk is a mode of consumption that has always existed, but is coming back into fashion.
The mark of Vrabox reusable containers wanted to make these purchases more practical by offering ecoboxes designed specifically for the bulk market.

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Why is it important to get loose?

Buy food in bulk has many benefits, both for the environment and for our wallet. At My Eco Design, we are convinced that this practice is the key to adopting a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

First of all, buying in bulk significantly reduces our ecological footprint. Indeed, products sold in bulk do not require individual packaging, which drastically limits the production of plastic waste. In addition, bulk foods are often offered in reusable containers, thus helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

By buying in bulk, we also have the option of buying only the quantity needed, thus limiting the food waste. Indeed, it is often difficult to find formats adapted to our needs in supermarkets, which can lead us to buy more than necessary and therefore waste food.

Bulk shopping, Vrabox, the bulk tool, for bulk professionals

Finally, buying in bulk is often synonymous with financial savings. Products sold in bulk are generally not more expensive than those packaged, as they do not require additional manufacturing and packaging costs. Thus, by buying in bulk, we can reduce our food budget while consuming quality products, in the right quantity.

At My Eco Design, we are proud to offer an innovative range of reusable containers to facilitate bulk purchases. Vrabox bulk boxes are the new bulk tools towards a more sustainable and responsible way of life.

Our Vraboxes have been designed for users, end consumers of bulk food, and designed by bulk food sellers.

The advantages of Vrabox bulk boxes for end consumers

Our Vrabox reusable boxes are an ecological and practical solution for bulk food consumers. Here are some benefits of shopping in bulk using these boxes:

  1. Money saving : By using reusable boxes, you can avoid buying disposable bags or single-use plastic containers, which can significantly reduce your long-term costs.
  2. Environmental Protection : by reducing the use of single-use plastic, you can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste that pollutes our environment. Vrabox boxes are made from durable and environmentally friendly materials.
  3. Ease of use : Vrabox bulk boxes are light and easy to transport for bulk shopping. They are available in different sizes to suit your needs and can be easily cleaned and reused.
    They are stackable so you can only go shopping with a stack of boxes.
  4. Food preservation : Vrabox bulk boxes are designed to be hermetically sealed to protect food from contaminants and moisture.
    They are stackable closed to optimize your storage space in your cupboards.

Facilitate bulk shopping with Vrabox, reusable containers

The advantages of Vrabox reusable boxes for bulk professionals

Vrabox bulk boxes offer many advantages for bulk food sellers, including:

  1. Easy food identification : The Vraboxes are translucent, which makes it easy to see the food put in the boxes during checkout. Saving time when embedding, and additional control to prevent theft
  2. Indicative tare : the indicative tare also allows a quick checkout
  3. Stackable empty : Vrabox reusable boxes can be stacked, regardless of the chosen capacity. This saves space in the store.
  4. Industrial washing : Vrabox eco-boxes are compatible with industrial washing. Our container boxes are therefore ready for the deposit market.
  5. Increase in turnover : the Vrabox is a real sales support tool for bulk professionals. If bulk shopping becomes easy for the consumer, it is a definite revenue gain for bulk food sellers.
  6. Food and reuse : Vrabox is the 1st brand of reusable boxes to have passed food suitability tests for reuse. Here again, our innovation anticipates the deposit market
  7. Personalization : Vraboxes can be personalized with the name and logo of the company, of a food brand, which can strengthen the brand awareness.

In summary, Vrabox bulk boxes offer a practical, economical and environmentally friendly solution for bulk food sellers.


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