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Because water is at the heart of your life and your health, Aquaovo Experience has developed an eco-friendly porcelain filter fountain to filter tap water, for optimal hydration.

  • a Canadian and innovative design that has won numerous design awards and is part of the permanent collection Decorative Arts and Design of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • a French made 90%: porcelain elements, wooden base, assembly in Savoie – France
  • the use of noble materials such as porcelain to keep water cool naturally
  • the opacity of the ceramic limits the development of bacteria
  • la ovoid shape keeps water moving, prevents stagnation, for very high quality filtered water
  • la glass filter cartridge, therefore reusable. Return your used cartridges for free
  • great capacity 11 liters of filtered water, ideal for the kitchen or professional environment

  • a water fountain for home, for the office and hospitality, in spas and wellness centers
  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles and carboy fountains, plus design!
  • a waste reduction approach that concerns us all

812,50 € HT - 975,00 € TTC

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Our products are made and stored in France


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  • French manufacturing - Stock in Savoie (73) - France
  • 1st filter cartridge included
  • Cartridge life: 4 months or 2 liters
  • Filtered water storage capacity: 11 liters
  • Materials: porcelain, wooden base, brass, glass
  • Dimensions: H 72 cm * W 28 cm * D 36 cm
  • Empty weight: 11 kg

The filter cartridge must be changed every 4 months, or every 2 liters of filtered water. It is advisable to clean, when changing the cartridge, all the elements of your filter fountain, taking care to disassemble the tap.
Monthly washing is also recommended.
You can use soapy water, white vinegar or dish soap for this cleaning. It is important to rinse well with clean water.
A notice will be given to you upon delivery of the fountain and upon each delivery of filtration cartridges.

  • We ship your fountain within 1 week.
    The products are manufactured and stored in France, in our premises in Savoie (73)
  • Shipping is free in France. We deliver worldwide, see our prices here

We are deeply committed to providing our customers with the best experience. The quality of our products and our availability to assist you allow us to offer you extended guarantees and a flexible and hassle-free return policy, the terms and conditions of which are listed below.


This warranty covers all porcelain parts of our OVOPUR filtration fountains against accidental breakage under normal conditions of use. If for any reason you accidentally break a piece of porcelain on your device, we will replace it free of charge for a period of two (2) years following the initial delivery of the product.

This warranty applies to Ovopur filtration units intended for home use and not for commercial or corporate use with a higher volume of users.


Every product we sell is covered by our manufacturer's warranty against malfunction or premature degradation under normal use. two (2) years which targets bases, taps and silicone seals. If you encounter any problems during this warranty period, we will be able to provide you with replacement parts or a repair if applicable.


We are a local business. We strive to provide a personal touch and an exemplary level of service. Know that we will always strive to satisfy you. You can buy with confidence, because with every order we ship comes the promise of the best value, the best quality, and the best service.

We are committed to providing personalized and quality customer service. Do not hesitate to let us know if you believe that the service received does not live up to this commitment.


The proper functioning of the OVOPUR filtration fountain requires changing the filtration cartridges at the appropriate frequency (every 4 months). Thus, for all customers whose cartridge renewals (individually or by 3) are well done on time, we offer an additional guarantee: from the third year, for any accidental breakage of your porcelain pieces, they will be invoiced to you at 30% off normal price. Contact us in this case.


To be eligible for a return, your item must be in perfect condition. It must also be in the original packaging. Wet/used filter cartridges are not eligible for product return.

How the Aquaovo filter fountain works:

Installation of your filtration unit:
This filter jug ​​is not neither connected to the water network nor electrically connected. You can position it everywhere, quickly and easily, you move it according to your needs or your desires. And you save the costs of installing a plumber!

Filling your Aquaovo water fountain:
To fill it, simply remove the lid, fill the top volume of 4 liters with tap water, using a pitcher. This water is filtered by the Aquacristal filtration cartridge. It takes about 10 minutes to filter the 4 liters. The filtered water is kept in the ovoid porcelain volume.
Repeat this operation to wait for the maximum capacity of 11 liters of filtered water.

Track water level:
A water level is supplied with the product. This is a small plastic ball that floats inside your fountain. A magnet is placed inside this ball, another magnet outside the fountain allows you to visualize the water level.
You can add water regularly without necessarily waiting for the fountain to be empty.

Serve yourself !
All you have to do is turn on the tap to pour yourself a glass of pure and fresh water

Filtration, natural performance

Designed to take advantage of knowledge about new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, the reusable glass multilayer cartridge AQUACRYSTAL is at the heart of the AQUAOVO experience. It contains premium quality filter elements that have been proven effective in removing chemical and organic pollutants from drinking water. They reproduce the action of the natural underground filtration cycle.

Here are the 4 filter elements present in the Acquacristal filtration cartridge:

Activated charcoal – Obtained by pyrolysis and controlled oxidation to make it more porous, activated carbon has enormous absorption power. It is used to trap pollutants that may be present in water. Our activated carbon made from recycled coconut shells can absorb up to 99% of non-polar organic substances such as mineral oils, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phenols (chlorine), halogens (chloroform) and pharmaceutical residues. It is excellent for neutralizing the taste and odor of water, effectively eliminating yeasts and micropollutants and absorbing traces of certain heavy metals. Certified NSF61

KDF 55 – Granular material composed of an alloy of copper and ultra-pure zinc. It can, through a powerful redox process, remove up to 55% of chlorine, dissolved lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and other heavy metals that may be present in tap water. The copper it contains helps fight against bacterial proliferation. It is 99% recyclable, contains no chemical additives and meets rigorous certification standards. NSF61

Quartz sand – Quartz sand is an abundant mineral element on our planet. It comes in the form of silica and oxygen crystals. Its porosity allows it to let the water run off while performing a mechanical filtration of suspended impurities. This property is also used in nature to filter groundwater. The quartz sand is located towards the end of the cartridge in order to filter the water of its last impurities.

Micropore bioceramic – Microporous bioceramic beads are made with a mixture of clays fired at temperatures up to 1,300°C. This process results in a porous surface (320 pores/square inch) and constant far infrared radiation. In addition to adsorbing the residues of chemical and organic products potentially present in the water, the active bioceramic would have the property of reducing the water molecule in order to soften and revitalize it. Far infrared can help reduce the surface tension of water and allow maximum hydration. They can also stimulate blood circulation, detoxification processes and prevent oxidation.


OVO+, replacement program for Acquacristal filtration cartridges

We offer an annual replacement program for your filtration cartridges.
1 cartridge has a shelf life of 4 months or 2 litres.

OVO+ = 3 filtration cartridges = 1 year of use
Receive 3 Acquacristal filtration cartridges necessary for 1 year of water filtration.
Benefit from a 10% discount compared to the cost of purchasing a single cartridge.
Click on the link to discover the OVO + program

Acquacristal filter cartridges are made of glass and are therefore reusable
We provide you with a return slip to allow you to return your used cartridges to us (once a year)
This service is 100% FREE for you !

Acquacristal, 1st reusable filtration cartridge

The Acquacristal glass filtration cartridge is reusable, a first on the water filtration market!
Return your used cartridges free of charge in its original packaging.

You receive, when purchasing your filter fountain or your replacement cartridges, a good return. Just stick it on the cardboard and drop it off at your post office.

Totally free for you!

The shape of the egg was not chosen by chance!

The OVOPUR unit combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalize water. Its slender curves and total absence of right angles allow water to flow freely and naturally. Temperature differences and normal flow induce biotic movement that prevents stagnation, reduces the risk of bacteria buildup and helps revitalize the water.

Inspired by the work of pioneers in water research, its shape facilitates the circulation and regeneration of water. Its appearance symbolizes abundance, purity, rebirth and infinity. Its attractive curves and the use of noble materials such as porcelain, wood, glass and metal testify to our commitment to aesthetics and quality.

Already thousands of hotels, businesses and homes equipped

A single Aquaovo water fountain saves our customers the purchase of 3 to 000 plastic water bottles per year.

This alternative to single-use plastic makes it possible to put in place a policy of waste reduction in your tourist establishment, at the office or at home.

Here are some professional customers who have chosen to reduce waste by offering pure and fresh water to their customers:

  • of prestigious hotels of the Accor group like M-Gallery, Sofitel, Novotel, etc.
  • of prestigious independent hotels, up to 5 stars: Le Molitor (Paris), La Réserve (Ramatuelle and Geneva), Le Strato (Courchevel), Le Base Camp Lodge (Bourg Saint-Maurice), Le Beau Rivage Palace (Lausanne), Le Château Saint-Martin (Vence), L 'Apogee (Courchevel), etc.
  • corporate offices: head office of Malakoff Humanis, Un air de thé, etc.
  • and many households who have offered our beautiful water fountain as an alternative to plastic filter jugs

Aquaovo Experience: 

Whether you manage a company, a hotel, a seminar center, you are now required to provide clean and fresh water daily to increasingly discerning customers and guests.

THEAQUAOVO experience offers you hydration programs and tailor-made solutions for all your needs.

Aquaovo Experience innovates and offers environmental solutions to the consumption of bottled water.
At the heart of this experience is the eco-design Aquaovo water filter, a new generation water purifier, an alternative to the traditional water fountain and the disposable bottle.

Aquaovo daily campaigns against the use of single-use plastic, against the use of plastic bottles. A militant design in the service of ecology.


The original shape of the egg is no accident. It naturally keeps the water in motion. The purity of the curves and the absence of right angles favor this natural gyrating movement, thus avoiding stagnation and the development of bacteria.
The thermal properties of porcelain allow the conservation and revitalization of water. The temperature will naturally stabilize at 4 or 5 degrees below room temperature.

Made in France

The porcelain in this water fountain is handcrafted and fired in the ovens of a French company. With its thousand-year-old traditions, the purity and whiteness of French porcelain are recognized worldwide.
You can choose to opt for a transparent acrylic glass base, or a wooden base for a more natural atmosphere. These bases are also made in France. The stainless steel tap comes to us from Belgium.


OVO + warranty

By adhering to OVO +, the Aquacristal filter cartridge replacement program, you get our accidental damage warranty for your Aquavovo filter unit free of charge. If a porcelain part breaks during the first years of use, we will replace it for you free of charge. After the third year, you will be charged 30% of the normal price. Spare parts such as the faucet are covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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