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You don't drink tap water for its sometimes unpleasant taste and the traces of heavy metals that can be found there? If so, you are like 47% of French people who prefer bottled water. But this way of life generates an impressive amount of plastic waste, a significant part of which ends up in our soils or in our oceans.

Individuals or professionals, it is time to end the use of single-use plastic bottles. To have the comfort of the tap without the inconveniences, opt for a filter fountain.


My Eco Design, exclusive distributor of the Aquaovo Experience brand in France and Europe

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Aware of this major issue for the planet, the brand of Quebec origin Aquaovo has launched a new kind of filter fountain on the market. In addition to being an ornamental object in its own right, each product of the brand appeals for its innovative character and for its durability.

Figurehead of the Aquaovo range, OVOPUR is a pure masterpiece of design and technique. With its ovoid shape and the vibrant color of its porcelain, this water dispenser is largely Made in France. The other models will also seduce you for their careful aesthetics. We are far from the unsightly carboy that sits at home or in the office.

Our Aquaovo filter fountains filters are directly available for purchase on the site My Eco Design. The first is offered with the purchase of your water dispenser.

Specialized in the sale of designer and eco-responsible items, My Eco Design is proud to present the Aquaovo brand filter fountains. For the home or the office, the water dispensers of this Quebec brand offered on our site combine quality, durability and aesthetics. Our models entirely made in France are an alternative to single-use plastic bottles and bottle dispensers. You can then enjoy tap water without apprehension.

Aquaovo: a Quebec design, a French manufacture

Founded in 2008 in the French-speaking province of Quebec by Manuel Desrochers, the Aquaovo brand is an innovative solution to deal with the massive use of single-use bottles. Instead of simply producing a container fitted with a filter that will help purify tap water, the Montreal designer has placed his water dispensers at the center of attention. The shape of each item is the result of a creative process combined with an attention to technical detail for functional use. Each product thus illustrates the meeting of design, everyday well-being and eco-responsibility.

If you design of Aquaovo filter fountains is from Quebec, his production is largely French, more specifically its flagship product, the OVOPUR. Indeed, the porcelain used in the design of this object is of French origin.

Aquaovo filter fountain: to enhance the taste of tap water

You might not know it, but tap water is up to 300 times cheaper than that sold in a single-use plastic bottle. In reality, you are mainly buying the container even as you throw it away. To find a healthier and less polluting lifestyle on a daily basis, choose an Aquaovo water dispenser.

With its offline water filter, there is no need for electric current to purify tap water. Gravity is sufficient to eliminate the unpleasant taste of chlorine and the traces of heavy metals and pesticides that remain in the water of the distribution system. The design of the Aquaovo water fountains ensures a good flow while maintaining the freshness of the drink. You will then enjoy tasting each glass. Consuming the recommended two liters per day then becomes a real pleasure.

OVOPUR and The TOWER: two designs, two personalities!

Public chat My Eco Design, we offer two different types of filter fountains which perform the same functions. The choice is therefore above all a question of style.

THEOVOPUR is distinguished by the harmonious assembly of two ovoid globes in handmade porcelain and pure whiteness. The whole does not fail to evoke some creatures of science fiction. This water fountain with a timeless and avant-garde appearance will be the centerpiece of your decoration, at home or in an office. Its design inevitably catches the eye and brings a special character to your interior. Its ovoid shape is not just aesthetic. This feature creates a natural convection movement that keeps the water at a cool temperature that is pleasant to drink. The handle is a beautiful combination of porcelain and metal. In use, it will be solid.

THE TOWER : more traditional in shape, this model is a cylindrical glass filter fountain. It is the ideal choice if you want more discretion from your water dispenser. The model is nonetheless elegant and benefits from the know-how of designer Manuel Desrochers. This model offers excellent value for money.

Different types of bases for your filter fountain

There are different types of bases for the two Aquaovo filter fountains. In the first place, there are the glass plinths which appeal to their clean and sober side. Then there are the wooden plinths which can display their natural or painted tone. This material pleases for its warm character. Some models still display the bark of the wood to add a raw touch of formwork stripping to the very elaborate ensemble.

A reusable filter to minimize the ecological footprint of the filter fountain

The first filter cartridge called Aquacristal is included in the price of the filter fountain. This has a lifespan of four months and can treat up to 4000 liters of water before needing replacement. The used cartridge should not be discarded, since the Aquaovo brand can process it for later reuse. In fact, you minimize your environmental footprint as much as possible. Add to that the thousands of plastic bottles you avoid and you are making a huge contribution to the well-being of the planet.


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