CLEARANCE - PERSO2 - Sorting bins 2 bins - Text marking “residual - paper / cardboard”

  • Sorting bin 2 bins for “Residual - Paper / Cardboard” waste
  • Text markup
  • 1 container of 13 liters and 1 bucket of 3,5 liters
  • H 30cm * W 48cm * W 19cm; 0,870 kg
  • Made in France
  • 100% recyclable polyethylene
  • Design C + B Lefebvre

25,00 € HT - 30,00 € TTC


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All of this sorting bins 2 bins have been designed for professional use, in a company or community office, in a hotel room, etc. Elegant and discreet, they are didactic to promote waste collection. You will encourage your employees and customers to follow you in your eco-responsible approach.

This design basket is composed of a 13 liter container to collect the Paper / Cardboard in which a 3,5 liter bucket is placed for residual waste.

Several colors of containers are available. The inner bucket is gray, the official color for residual waste. For a tailor-made model, contact us.

Design C + B Lefebvre

Design and eco-designed sorting bins:

Selectibox is compact to fit easily under a desk, in a hotel room. Its volume is adapted to the quantities of waste discarded.

Selectibox is easy to clean thanks to its radiated bases which prevent stagnation of waste. Lightweight, it is easy to handle with one hand.

Does not require the use of plastic bags: less waste for more savings.

Selectibox is unalterable. Designed in plastic, it is not afraid of solvents, acids, coffee stains, etc. It is cleaned with classic cleaning products.

Shockproof: the properties of plastic give it great resistance and durability.

Durability: the brand is in polypropylene embedded in the mass. It is resistant to cleaning products.

Technical characteristics:

  • Materials: 100% recycled polyethylene for the black color Black Recycled, 100% recyclable polyethylene for the other colors.
  • The resin is guaranteed to be free from the products of the Reach list
  • H 30cm * W 48cm * W 19cm; 0,9 kg
  • Capacity of 13 liters for the container, dedicated to Paper / Cardboard waste
  • 3,5 liter capacity for the bucket dedicated to residual waste
  • Made in France

Delivery time:

24 to 48 hours Our products are made in France and are stored in our premises.

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