DYN, pack of 3 modular tables for a dynamic set - Made in France

  • Modular tables to create group workspaces
  • Design by C + B Lefebvre - Table protected by a European patent
  • The tables are stackable by 5 tables (stacking height 130cm, footprint 100 * 80cm)
  • Materials: melamine tops; edges covered with a 2 mm thick ABS strip; 30 mm diameter seamless black epoxy painter base; 4 shock-absorbing rubber buffers; height adjustment cylinders with sound-absorbing felt
  • Table height: 76 cm
  • Table top dimensions: 73 * 68,5cm, thickness 19mm
  • Weight of a table: 10,54 kg
  • Made in France
  • In stock, delivery within 3 to 4 weeks

430,50 € HT - 516,60 € TTC

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Create a modular and designer space!


Multitudes of configurations are possible thanks to this modular table. Each plate has a right angle and 3 specific angles, one referenced by a “3”, the other by a “4”, the other by a “5”.

Match the 3 numbers “3” of 3 tables to create a working group of 3 people.
Match the 4 numbers “4” of 4 tables to create a working group of 4 people.
Match the 5 numbers “5” of 5 tables to create a working group of 5 people.

Here are examples of possible configurations, ideal for making modular meeting rooms or seminar rooms, coworking spaces, training centers, etc.

The meeting room becomes a working tool


Each speaker or leader of a meeting / seminar has their requirements, their methods of animation.
A classic setup at the start of the day turns into a group set of 3, 4, 5 or more participants.
Finally come back just as quickly to a classic configuration.

The meeting furniture adapts to your requirements.

An efficient workspace in your company


Promote interactions between participants.
Create a flexible workspace for your employees.
Promote exchanges between your employees from different departments and facilitate the progress of projects.
They can adapt this space according to their needs, create small workspaces of 3, 4, 5 workstations, or more.

An effective space for discussion and collective work

A modular coworking space!


This professional table will allow you to adapt the layout of your coworking space according to the needs of your customers.
An individual office for the freelance worker, a group of several people for an effective discussion on a project, a more traditional meeting room for training, etc.

All tables are stackable to free up space for breakfast, a business presentation, an opening, etc.

Professional furniture made in France,
protected by a European patent


The professional table was created by the designer Bruno Lefebvre, signatory of the eco-design charter.
Resulting from an eco-design approach, this design table is an innovation.
The unique format of the tray is protected by a European patent nunemro EP 2 992 779.
The manufacturing is French and respects the NF EN1729 - 1 & 2 standards.

Sustainable, designer and functional furniture

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