Sharing board - Mini version


  • Mini design sharing board, design C + B Lefebvre for Le Régal
  • Wooden design presentation board suitable for an aperitif, a dessert or as a presentation board, cheese board, etc.
  • Let's share the gluttony, a 100% French product, design, respectful of the environment
  • Personalization possible for professionals: replace the Le Régal logo with the logo or name of your establishment
  • Made from French oak treated with grape seed oil
  • Each piece is stamped like a vintage! Signature on the back indicating the year of manufacture and the origin of the wood
  • Weight 250g
  • Dimensions 300x110x10mm
  • Made in France
  • Sustainable production: sustainable development approach, valuing the entire wood chain, down to the waste which is recycled.
  • Short-circuit supply, all Le Régal woods are selected with the greatest care, according to rigorous criteria of quality, traceability and sustainable management of French forests.

21,66 € HT - 25,99 € TTC

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Quantity Hand off
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10 - 19 10%
20 - 99 15%


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These personalized cocktail plates with the name of your establishment!

Here are some examples of achievements

Le Régal - Let's share the gluttony

The French brand Le Régal offers wooden utensils, with a unique design and respectful of the environment, to share convivial moments of French delicacies.


Un functional design designed for gourmets, to make the good times spent preparing your favorite dishes even more enjoyable.
The wooden pestle is the little Le Régal extra.

Made in France

A French manufacture from an equally French wood. Robur oak comes from a sustainably managed forest.
Local production makes it possible to limit greenhouse gas emissions linked to transport.
The local economy is also privileged.



Clean production: all waste is recovered. The sawdust is reused as animal bedding and is used to power heating systems.
At the end of its life, your product will be recycled into paper or to supply heating systems.
The French wood used is sustainably managed. No deforestation of our forests.



Personalize this cocktail plate with the logo or the name of your establishment.
To offer a gourmet and quality service to your customers.
Whether for a restaurant, a hotel, a bar, a catering service, etc., this tasting board will allow you to make a difference.

A word from the designer

”For this cutting board, my desire was to offer a new, more versatile tool that encourages the consumption of fresh herbs. A simple little herb board that is completed with a small delicate pestle for equally delicate herbs. My wish is that this cutting board will rediscover the incomparable taste qualities of manual crushing. “


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