VRABOX50, 50 cl ecobox – The bulk tool!

  • vrabox, the bulk tool, for intensive and long-lasting bulk
  • Made in France – Design C+B Lefebvre
  • vrabox50 is a 0,5 L eco-box
  • Ce reusable container facilitates transport and storage of food purchased in bulk
  • Unbreakable, light, easy to wash, stackable, transparent, vrabox is the 1st plastic box designed for bulk
  • Dimensions: 122 * 122 * 70 mm – Weight: 100 g
  • Materials: Polypropylene, guaranteed without bisphenols or phthalates, safe and stable food material
  • 100% waterproof guarantee
  • Compatible with dishwasher and freezer
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reusable food container for bulk purchase

Vrabox 50 the bulk box to facilitate your purchases

The bulk box allows the transport and preservation of food in order to democratize the purchase in bulk. The ecobox is easy to transport because it is stackable, unbreakable and airtight.

Ideal for oleaginous fruits, dried fruits, legumes, cereals, sugar, pasta, rice, olives, teas, cocoa, biscuits, spices, coffee, salt...

Dimensions (LxWxHt)

  • Size 0,5L 122x122x70mm
  • Lid 130x130x10mm


  • 2mm constant


  • 0,5L box with its 101g lid


  • Polypropylene (PP)
vrabox the bulk tool with a lid where you can write on it
Vrabox the bulk tool to democratize bulk purchasing

Bulk Food Transport

The ecobox 50 facilitates the purchase of food in bulk. This bulk container is a solution that optimizes the transport and storage of foodstuffs distributed in bulk for the general public.

The entire usage cycle has been integrated into the design. The advantage for the user and the point of sale is to use a relevant solution throughout this cycle. Thus the transport of foodstuffs is done “from the shelf to the cupboard”, and even from the “cupboard to the cupboard”. The bulk box is the bulk tool.

Convenient container

The shape of the ecobox makes it easy to hold and easy to clean. Its transparency and markings allow you to see the quantity put in our box. Bulk allows you to buy the right quantity.

The different boxes and lids stack together to form an easy-to-carry set. The lid is suitable for different sizes of boxes to make it as practical as possible. Thus the small box stacks in the big one and the lids also stack because they are common. 

convenient bulk food container


The body and lid are made of bisphenol- and phthalate-free polypropylene. It is a safe food material.

10 year warranty

The ecobox is durable and guaranteed 10 years for its use.
Its frosted finish conceals any scratches.


The body and cover are made of polypropylene, a material that can be recycled in the existing packaging collection channel.


Lids and containers are independent. They make it possible to renew any missing part.

Made in France

Its environmental impact is extremely reduced, it is lower than the paper bag and identical to the glass jars.

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