ACQUADRI 50 colored, 50 cl reusable recycled PET bottle


  • Reusable recycled and recyclable PET bottle Aquadri
  • A rigid plastic bottle of 56 gr which makes it a real gourd (66 gr with the cap)
  • PET is 100% recycled, it is also 100% recyclable
  • Made in France for the gourd and the stopper
  • Stopper with flap closure for drinking directly from the neck
  • Waterproof polypropylene cap
  • Its square shape makes it compact and easy to take along
  • Capacity of 50 cl
  • Dimensions: 6 * 6cm, total height of 20,5cm, 18,5cm without the cap
  • Neck diameter: 3,4 cm
  • This bottle is customizable, click here
  • Not compatible with the dishwasher
  • In stock, shipped within 48 hours

3,25 € HT - 3,90 € TTC

Quantity Hand off
10 - 49 25%
50 - 99 50%
100 - 249 52%
250 - 500 57%


Our products are made and stored in France


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A 100% recycled PET bottle


Acquadri® was born from the desire to have an alternative to the reusable bottle in Tritan®. A plastic bottle has the advantage of being lightweight compared to a glass bottle. It is also unbreakable in normal use.

The choice of material fell on PET or polyethylene terephthalate. This comes from recycling single-use water bottles. The rate of recycled plastic is 100%.

Ce reusable PET bottle will be 100% recyclable at end of life.



Reusable bottle 100% made in Rhône-Alpes

The choice of a short circuit appeared obvious. Our partners are responsive, the products are manufactured and stored in France. This gives us great responsiveness.

The design is signed C + B Lefebvre, agency based in Isère (38). Bruno Lefebvre being a signatory of the eco designers charter.

The body of the bottle is produced in Ain (01), in the Plastics Valley.

The sport cap is manufactured in the Loire (42).

The personalization step for this bottle, if you opt for a personalized bottle, is carried out in the Rhônes (69).

We are ourselves, as manufacturer / publisher of this bottle, based in Chambéry, Savoie (73).


Need a custom color for your market?


It is possible to offer you this bottle in the color of your choice. The minimum quantity is 5 units.

You will then have a custom-made reusable bottle, in your colors. The cap can also be matched to the chosen color.

Contact us!

Think about personalization!


The design of this bottle was imagined to offer 2 large flat marking surfaces: the front and back sides.

We can therefore personalize this bottle on 1 or 2 sides. We can print the back side so that it can be seen by transparency of the front side!

Discover our examples of printed bottles

Printing in 4 colors or in 1 color screen printing for large quantities.

A designer advertising bottle signed C + B Lefebvre

Creating acquadri® we wanted democratize the act of drinking tap water which is the main decrease in the environmental impact of the project. For this we have created a elegant and economical bottle to be produced in France with the maximum of functional assets. Compact, unbreakable, using the minimum of material while being durable, easy to clean and fill, pleasant to use with a specially designed neck diameter… we have really concentrated all the qualities of a portable bottle.

The design must help to disseminate responsible uses.

Bruno Lefebvre, product designer - C + B Lefebvre

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