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RETAP 30 - 30 cl glass bottle

11,00 € HT - 13,20 € TTC


This glass bottle is an alternative to the disposable bottle, designed for professional use in the office, meeting room or at home.

Materials: borosilicate glass, BPA free thermoplastic cap
Ergonomic, it offers a very good grip.
Compatible with the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

Capacity: 30 cl
Height: 115 mm
Diameter: 68 mm (max)
Weight: 183 gr with the cap

Design from Denmark, European manufacturing

Delivery time: shipment within 48 hours maximum


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La glass bottle RETAP of 30 cl is compact. She will follow you everywhere, in your handbag, backpack ... She is a ecological, economical and design alternative to the disposable bottle, to the single-use plastic bottle. A unique design from Denmark.
A healthy and durable container to store your water anytime, anywhere. Glass is a noble material which is ideal for water conservation.

A unique bottle: choice of 17 cap colors

Professional use: It can be used in a professional environment, as a gift to your employees for example, or in a meeting room. She is customizable in the name of a company. A good way to eliminate the use of single-use bottles in your company and to limit your production of waste. An eco-citizen approach that quickly becomes profitable.


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