THE TOWER, glass filter jug ​​by Aquaovo

  • Eco design water filter designed mainly from noble materials
  • Quebec design by Aquaovo
  • The purity and transparency of glass for better water conservation
  • 1st Aquacristal filter cartridge included
  • Glass, brass, Russian cherry plinth
  • 8 liters

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Filtration, natural performance

Designed to take advantage of knowledge about new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, the reusable glass multilayer cartridge AQUACRYSTAL which is at the heart of the AQUAOVO experience contains premium filter elements which have been shown to be effective in removing chemical and organic pollutants from drinking water and which mimic the action of the natural filtration cycle underground. Consult the file AQUACRYSTAL page for all details.

The filter cartridge has a lifespan of 4 months. This cartridge is available individually here. You can also benefit from a 10% reduction by subscribing to the annual filter cartridge replacement program, the OVO + PROGRAM.



Glass is a noble material which allows better water conservation. The Tower is an eco-design alternative to plastic filter jugs for filtering your tap water.
A design signed Aquaovo that will allow you to place this filter jug ​​wherever you want. Autonomous, it does not require any electrical connection or connection to the water network.

OVO + program

Le OVO + program is an annual program to replace Aquacristal filter cartridges.
The very high quality and safety of our experience depend on the regular change of filter cartridges. The cartridge AQUACRYSTAL must be changed without fail every four months. We therefore provide you with an automatic cartridge replacement program that is easy, convenient and advantageous that you can cancel at any time.
You will receive for your prote 3 filter cartridges necessary for one year of use.
This subscription saves you 20% compared to purchasing individual cartridges.


OVO + warranty

By adhering to OVO +, the Aquacristal filter cartridge replacement program, you get our free accidental damage guarantee for your Aquavovo filtration unit. If a glass part breaks during the first 3 years of use, we will replace it for you free of charge. After the third year, you will be billed at 30% of the normal price. Spare parts such as the faucet are provided with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


This filter jug ​​is neither connected to the water network, nor electrically connected. You can position it anywhere.
You just have to remove the lid, fill the top volume of with tap water, using a pitcher. This water passes through the Aquacristal filtration cartridge. Filtration time is approximately 10 minutes. The filtered water is kept in the glass body which has a capacity of 8 liters.
All you have to do is turn on the tap to serve yourself a glass of pure, fresh water.
You can add water regularly without necessarily waiting for the fountain to be empty.

Aquaovo innovates and offers environmental solutions to the consumption of bottled water.
At the heart of this experience is the eco-design Aquaovo water filter, a new generation water purifier, an alternative to the traditional water fountain.
Also discover the Alter Ego project, the objective of which is to provide sustainable access to drinking water to our alter egos who are in need.
N ° 1 for reusable bottles on the Internet, a wide choice of designer bottles and reusable bottles.
  • 1st filter cartridge included
  • Cartridge life: 4 months or 2 liters
  • Filtered water storage capacity: 8 liters
  • Materials: glass, Russian birch plinth, brass, glass filter cartridge
  • Dimensions: H 74 cm * W 28 cm * D 35 cm
  • Empty weight: 6,8 kg
  • 1 week.
    The products are stored in France, on our premises.

Maintenance of your filter fountain

The filter cartridge must be changed every 4 months, or every 2 liters of filtered water. It is advisable to clean, when changing the cartridge, all the elements of your filter fountain, taking care to disassemble the tap.
Monthly washing is also recommended.
You can use soapy water, white vinegar or dish soap for this cleaning. It is important to rinse well with clean water.
A notice will be given to you upon delivery of the fountain and upon each delivery of filtration cartridges.



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