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AQUACRISTAL, filter cartridge for Aquaovo filter fountain

54,50 € HT - 65,40 € TTC

  • 1 Aquacristal filter cartridge
  • Compatible with Aquaovo filter fountain
  • 4 month or 2 liter shelf life
  • Natural and intelligent filtration of drinking water
  • Dimensions: 10 * 21cm, weight: 0,7kg
  • Materials: glass, Silicone, polypropylene, Felt, Activated carbon, KDF55, Silica, Bioceramic
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Save 10% by purchasing OVO + = 3 cartridges = 1 year of use

In stock (can be ordered)

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Cette filter cartridge AQUACRISTAL is suitable for 1 year of use of the AQUAOVO filter fountain.

Filter cartridge is made of glass, so it is the 1st cartridge on the market to be reusable. The plastic elements have been reduced to a minimum.

The technology of the AQUACRISTAL filter cartridge:

Designed to take advantage of knowledge about new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, the AQUACRISTAL reusable multilayer cartridge contains premium filter elements that have been proven effective in removing chemical pollutants and organic drinking water.

a) Activated carbon:

Obtained after several operations (pyrolysis and controlled oxidation) which make it more porous, activated carbon has enormous adsorption power. Its adsorption surface corresponds to an area of ​​1000 m2 per gram of carbon. It is used to fix polluting substances potentially present in water, including certain heavy metals (lead, cadmium and chromium). It is particularly effective in adsorbing hydrophobic organic contaminants.
Thus, carbon can adsorb up to 99% of mineral oils, BTEX, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, certain pesticides and herbicides, residues of certain pharmaceutical products as well as the most common contaminants: organochlorine disinfection by-products resulting from the use of chlorine as a disinfectant.
Charcoal is also excellent for neutralizing the tastes and odors of water, chlorine. Finally, it is certified according to the NSF61 standard.

b) KDF 55:

Granular material composed of an alloy of copper and ultra pure zinc. It can, through a powerful redox process, remove up to 99% of chlorine, dissolved lead, mercury, nickel, chromium and other heavy metals that may be present in tap water. The copper it contains helps fight bacterial proliferation.
It is 100% recyclable, contains no chemical additives and meets the rigorous standards of NSF61 certification.

c) Quartz sand:

Quartz sand is an abundant mineral element on our planet. It is in the form of crystals of silica and oxygen (SiO2). Its porosity allows it to let water flow while allowing mechanical filtration of impurities in suspension. This property is also used in nature to filter groundwater. The quartz sand is located at the end of the cartridge in order to filter the water from its last impurities.

d) Micropore bioceramic:

Micro-porous bio-ceramic beads are made with a mixture of clays fired at temperatures up to 1 ° C. This process results in a porous surface (300 pores / in320) and constant far infrared radiation. In addition to adsorbing residues of chemical and organic products potentially present in water, active bio-ceramics would have the property of reducing the water molecule in order to soften and revitalize it. Far infrared can help reduce the surface tension of water and allow for maximum hydration.
They can also stimulate blood circulation, detoxification processes and prevent oxidation.


The very high quality and safety of the AQUAOVO water filtration experience depends on the regular replacement of the filter cartridges. The AQUACRISTAL cartridge must be changed every four months or every 2 liters of filtered water. A cartridge used longer than its recommended life can perform a concentrated release of previously filtered contaminants.

Note: The AQUACRISTAL cartridge is designed to effectively treat any water considered drinkable by the authorities. It does not treat bacteria, viruses and other living organisms.

Delivery time:

AQUACRISTAL filter cartridges are stored in France. The products are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after the order has been confirmed.

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