Boards to share: how to improve their presentation?

Consumption patterns are changing. Sharing boards, tapas, finger food, restaurants, bars and brasseries have been able to adapt to the new needs of French consumers. Find out how to improve the service of these moments of conviviality!

Turnkey customizable sharing boards in the name of your establishment, made in France from French wood.

Why are shareable boards popular with consumers?

On the consumer side, boards to share or aperitif boards offer a real moment of conviviality and sharing with friends, work colleagues, etc. Less formal, this new mode of consumption breaks the codes of traditional catering.

Glasses of wine are particularly appreciated when tasting these aperitif boards. The beer bars also offer an assortment of cheese and cold meats, enough to have a good time! (in moderation of course).

Consumers are also in an increasing hurry. These aperitif boards are often served much faster than a daily menu or a hot dish. Hours of service are also changing. The lunch and dinner slots are still popular, but the continuous services are increasingly appreciated by the French.


Why are sharing boards popular with restaurateurs?

Restaurant owners have had to adapt to these new modes of consumption, from wine bars to gourmet restaurants. It is not uncommon to see gourmet restaurants offering gourmet tapas revisited in the French style.

“37% of establishments questioned during our survey offer platters and / or tapas within their establishment and a significant proportion of restaurateurs who would like to set up plan to do so in the coming months.” (source CHD Expert: chd-expert which offers a complete study on this new mode of consumption, a source of profitability)

La sharing board is a great way to increase profitability. Drinks, sources of profit, are very popular when tasting these preparations.

These boards also make it possible to attract customers before the evening service (also midday). It is nice to share an aperitif board after work, before going home to finish your meal. Restaurants therefore see it as a new service niche and a new source of profitability.

For a catering service, here are our cocktail plates that can be personalized in the name of an event or your company

In addition to the boards to share, we offer cocktail plates design and made in France. What could be more unpleasant for your guests to have their hands always busy, one with an appetizer, the other with a glass of wine! Thanks to these cocktail plates, they will always have a hand available thanks to the insert for the stemmed glass.

All of this dinner cocktail plates are customizable in the name of your client's event, or in the name of your establishment. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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