What if the profitability of your tea shop depends on tasting?

Looking to optimize the profitability of your tea shop? 80% of your turnover is achieved through the sale of 20% of your tea referrals? Wouldn't a lever for action be trying to sell 80% of your other references? Do you think about the tea tasting, or rather at the multi-tasting tea?

As in many shops and other commercial activities, 80% of the turnover is often made thanks to the 20% of the best known products. To be reassured, customers often buy products with a strong reputation. Green tea recently featured in the press, blogger's review of the latest black tea, etc. These sure values ​​that the greatest number appreciate are often relayed by the media.

But are your other references less good? Wouldn't your customers appreciate these little-known references which are just as tasty?

It is in this spirit, after realizing this observation, that some tea shops and some brands of tea have given us this information. A need to highlight these tea references that are just waiting to be known… A need to “turn stocks” on less popular references. With the objective of only being able to depend on a few flagship products, and a clear need to optimize turnover and margins.

Here is our solution of tea tasting

ISOTEA, our new tea fountain which offers a new tea tasting experience !

ISOTEA is a isothermal and transparent tea fountain to have a view of the drinks offered.

Design and contemporary alternative to the samovar and double-walled stainless steel drink dispenser.




Isothermal fountain double-walled borosilicate glass

3 liter capacity
Equipped with a non-drip tap

Keeps hot drinks hot for 3 to 4 hours
and freshness for 4 hours




Turnkey noble materials low environmental impact
and for better preservation of your drink

Borosilicate glass body
Food-grade cork stopper
Stainless steel tea tap and filter

The transparency of glass which offers a new tea tasting experience. Your customer sees the drinks you are serving, seamlessly!



The temptation

Red tea, green tea, black tea,
Play with colors ...





The transparency of glass allows a quick visual check of the remaining level




Its capacity is 3 liters
(two 1,5 liter kettles),
i.e. 30 cups of 10 cl

Commissioning is quick





A compact tea fountain

Height of 481 mm
215mm width
280 mm depth (including tap)

The bottom of the faucet is 15 cm from the table




The tea filter micron mesh (0,3 mm)
has a diameter of 50 mm and a height of 200 mm.
The interior volume is 35 cl.
18/8 stainless steel

Suitable for preparing 3 liters of drinks




Cooler bar option

To keep your iced tea or any other cold drinks
To place 3 hours in the refrigerator at -18 ° C
Keeps the freshness 3 to 4 hours depending on the conditions of use, if the drink comes out of the fridge

Replaces the tea filter.

Ready to innovate in welcoming your customers,
by setting up a new experience
of tea tasting?


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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