Offer a multi tasting in your tea shop

You want to set up a multi tasting in your tea shop?

Whether it is for the satisfaction of your customers, animating your point of sale, creating traffic, developing your turnover, offering a tasting of your selection of tea or infusion is a real plus for your store.

To help you in your process, here is ISOTEA,
a tea fountain created, edited and distributed by My Eco Design!

For any fan of hot drinks, tea consumption often comes down to a selection of major brands that cannot be ignored. These references like Mariages Frères or Kusmi Tea are ultimately just the tree hiding the forest. By offering an in-store tasting, you are helping to shine the spotlight on other less well-known tea houses.

In addition, it is certainly the case in your store, 20% of the references allow to generate 80% of the overall turnover. The least-sold references are just waiting to be tasted! Your customers will be seduced, so you will optimize your sales!

To organize this multi-tasting, bet on tea fountains that combine aesthetics with ergonomics.

ISOTEA: seeing before tasting your tea

ISOTEA presents itself as a glass tea fountain, transparent, emblazoned with a elegant design. Through it, you have a live preview of your infusion even before serving yourself or your visitors.

La fountain is insulated thanks to that double glass wall. It therefore allows you to preserve your drink at the desired temperature for a maximum of 4 hours. This is enough to cover your entire tasting session!

And above all, the fountain made of glass absolutely does not require no connection to a power outlet to operate. Its function is precisely to keep and serve your drink very hot, without any other formality.

You will have your designer samovar wherever you want. It's up to you to imagine a tasting in front of your store! You will attract the eye and the curiosity, you will increase your rate of passage.

To give your tea fountain its unusual visual cachet, we called on the services of C + B Lefebvre. The French product design agency has used all its know-how to ensure that you have an object with a model aesthetic in your hands, without having to put aside its practicality.

ISOTEA: tea differently ...
other drinks too

Multi tasting in tea shop with Isotea by My eco design

If the tea tasting, in a professional context, remains its main target, other drinks are also concerned by ISOTEA. Iced tea, fresh fruit juices and other cocktails can be served perfectly by this device. And why not make it an olive oil distributor? ISOTEA offers foolproof mobility so that you will have no trouble setting it up, wherever you plan to have your tasting. No electrical connection is required, despite its isothermal function! This is even more useful if it takes place outside your store, at an event or trade show, for example.

How the ISOTEA tea fountain works


La ISOTEA iothermal fountain has a lined glass wall. This is how drinks can be stored at a certain temperature for several hours.

It can store up to 3 liters of tea (or another drink of your choice). The tea filter that accompanies it at the base has the advantage of being detachable using its cork stopper, distributed on 2 sides.

So all you have to do is boil your water and fill your fountain (the content of 2 full kettles should be enough), once the lower part of the cap is fixed. As soon as your tea filter has been properly watered, place it inside and finally cover the upper part with the stopper to preserve the heat.

Optimization of its ISOTEA fountain


Once the brew has been brewed for the time recommended by your supplier, simply remove the tea filter before serving.

As part of a tasting, especially in store, offering several fountains will be particularly impactful (side by side or scattered in various corners of the room, as needed). By lining them up next to each other, you highlight the great diversity of references that your store offers. This is especially true if you use different scents, displaying different colors.

La ISOTEA glass fountain will then give a very clear glimpse of a rich offer, in addition to bringing a warm and colorful atmosphere to your establishment.


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