Looking for goodies made in France?

You want to innovate and find an alternative to pens, textiles, and other customizable products that can be seen in all of the catalogs ofadvertising items?
Looking goodies made in France out of conviction and to boost your corporate communication?
We will present you new 100% French design pub object !


Acquadri®, the first nomadic bottle 100% recycled and recyclable, 100% made in France, customizable in four-color process


Acquadri® is a reusable and advertising bottle offering many advantages. Ecological and economical, it makes it possible to democratize the act of drinking tap water, which is the main reduction in the environmental impact of the project.


Acquadri®, an eco-designed advertising bottle!

  • the material used to make this bottle, R-PET, is 100% recycled
  • this R-PET is also 100% recyclable
  • the production is 100% French, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: body of the bottle in the Ain (01), cork in the Loire (42), printing in the Rhône (69)
  • both sides are printable in four-color (4 colors), photo quality printing!
  • a double-sided printing which allows a unique set of transparency: front face + rear face with transparency effect
  • personalization by name: possibility of personalizing the bottles with the first and last names of the employees, for example
  • a bottle with an elegant design by C + B Lefebvre


They chose Acquadri® to convey their brand image!

From the SME / SMI which launches its new product to the international brand leader in its market, the common point between all our customers, to have a ecological pub object, truly recyclable, on which to communicate as effectively as possible.

AS Saint-Etienne by Smart Good Things

A bottle in the colors of AS Saint-Etienne associated with natural, innovative and generous drinks from Smart Good Things!
For each pack purchased, you finance solidarity and sports actions in favor of young people, and you contribute to the training of young Saint-Etienne residents.
Discover the ASSE bottle

Gustav Zander Clinic - KORIAN Group

The Gustav Zander clinic offers Acquadri® as an alternative to single-use bottles. A source of savings and a commitment to the environment to limit the production of waste.

The graphic choice is to position the logo of the healthcare establishment on the front face, the back face respecting the graphic charter of the Korian Group.

Rainbeau bottle offered during a workshop

During a workshop, the creators of Rainbeau, this beautiful outdoor sofa collecting rainwater, offered this water bottle to all the participants.

Printing on both sides with a beautiful play of transparency. The printed back side and the front side dedicated to the sofa, drawn in wireframe.

Groupe Betom, gourd offered to employees

The Betom group has chosen to offer Acquadri to all employees to limit the use of single-use bottles in the company.

Only the back face is printed, with a play of transparency since we can see the mark of the back face from the front face. And two different markings, “It's me the expert” and “It's me the expert”!

And many others …

  • bottle edited by My Eco Design - Savoie (73)
  • Design by C + B Lefebvre - Isère (38)
  • Bottle making - Ain (01)
  • Bottle printing - Rhones (69)
  • Manufacture of the stopper - Loire (42)

The recycled plastic bottles are 100% French made!

From idea to realization, all stages of the design and manufacture of the Acquadri® pub bottle take place in France, and more specifically in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes!

French production, stock in France, local partners for great responsiveness!

Creating acquadri we wanted to democratize the act of drinking water du faucet which is the main decrease in environmental impact du project. For this we have created an elegant and economical bottle to be produced in France with the maximum of functional advantages. Compact, unbreakable, using the minimum of material while being durable, easy to clean and fill, pleasant to use with a specially designed neck diameter… we have really concentrated all the qualities of a portable bottle. To make the product bearer of a message and less boring, we imagined being able to make it printable and customizable. The four-color printing solution allows a multitude of graphic solutions while respecting recyclability and low impact. Design must help to disseminate responsible uses.
Bruno Lefebvre - eco designer

Acquadri® is 2 capacities
50 and 75 cl

and 4 colors

Want a tailor-made color, do like Weleda, contact us!

For quantities greater than 5 units, we will provide you with a bottle in your colors ...

WELEDA ordered custom-made Acquadri for their Duo Detox campaigns

113 green bottles offered by the natural and organic cosmetics brand Weleda to all customers purchasing a birch juice cure, in 000

Then 125 pink bottles offered in 000

A recycled plastic bottle, and truly recyclable!

Acquadri® is a reusable bottle made from 100% recycled PET. This bottle will be 100% recycled at the end of its life. You just have to throw it in the yellow bins dedicated to recyclable waste for the material to be recycled.
The cap, made of Polypropylene, will also be 100% recycled.

Why will this bottle be really recycled?

Most reusable and promotional bottles are made of Tritan®. This plastic is a derivative of PET which has the particularity of being heat resistant. Tritan® water bottles can therefore be washed in the dishwasher. But Tritan®, despite being advertised as recyclable, is not recycled. Tritan® bottles or water bottles must be discarded at the end of their life in the household waste bin, residual waste. They will therefore either be buried or incinerated!

Why are Tritan® products not recycled?

The reason is very simple. Tritan® is particularly appreciated for its good temperature resistance. The products produced in Tritan® are mostly reusable products: bottles, gourds, cutlery, cups, etc.
By definition, unlike single-use products, reusable products have a much longer lifespan, a few years for each. The deposit, number of Tritan® products at the end of their life is therefore too low for a recyclable sector to be developed.

This is why a product which can be recycled in Tritan® must be disposed of in the household waste!

Choose Acquadri®,
it's choosing a reusable bottle made of recycled plastic
which will actually be recycled at the end of its life!

An ultra-customizable advertising bottle!

4 bottle colors

Choose the color of your gourd, translucent, blue, gray or green.

Need a water bottle in your colors? We can make a bottle in your colors, to the nearest RAL, for an order of over 5 units.

Double sided printing

2 large flat marking surfaces for even more effective communication
1-sided or 2-sided printing
Rear view by transparency

Call on a graphic designer or a communication agency to design your advertising bottle! We can also assist you in this process.

Nominative or individual personalization

Have you decided to limit the production of waste in your company?
Do you want to replace individual water bottles, single-use bottles, in your business?
Opt for the reusable Acquadri bottle and customize it to your colors !

So that each employee always knows where their bottle is, enter their first and last name.

Acquadri® is a customizable goodies imagined, manufactured and distributed by My Eco Design.
My Eco Design is a publisher of eco design products and solutions.
We offer design, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for professionals and individuals.

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Acquadri® is a reusable bottle that also completes our range of promotional bottles offered to our professional customers via the Pimp My Bottle site.

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