Are you looking for a design and ecological alternative to your plastic filter jug?

Faced with a strong demand for sustainable products in the heart of a market where plastic filter jugs have become extremely widespread, it has become essential to find alternatives. Plastic is so common to the point that other options seem non-existent, the presence of a solution that is in accordance with respect for the environment is essential.

How can we regularly consume our water, while preserving our health and without contributing to polluting our planet a little more?
What precautions can you take to try to keep your water as healthy as possible?

If you were worried that you might not be able to meet all of these requirements using one product, read the few lines below. We offer you a start of response through our new model of filter fountain, of superior quality, made of noble materials, in particular glass. A product where design and visual strength will be just as important as efficiency.

Filtration and packaging of water, a persistent problem

If the water that comes out of our taps is in principle perfectly drinkable, choosing to filter it is understandable. And this, whether for reasons of flavor (the aftertaste of chlorine is often not appreciated by consumers) or more important, to guard against the withering of the skin or its irritation when using filters. shower. The water filtration also acts as a barrier against pesticides and other heavy metals contained in water.

Our environment is invaded by plastic bottles, knowing that they are very expensive to manufacture: in the United States alone, where the water consumption is gigantic, the bottling of 1 liter of water will, in the end of account, need the equivalent of 3 more liters of water. Worse yet, this plastic packaging, designed from crude oil, will take a good millennium to degrade. To this must be added the costs in terms of transport, which, for these bottles, in 2006, generated around 2,5 million tonnes of CO2 emitted.

Water filtration combining ecological and design

Aquaovo Experience has innovated in the tap water filtration market by offering filtering fountains in noble materials: porcelain, glass.

The Aquaovo filter fountains thus offer optimal water conservation.

Natural design:
When a water fountain becomes a decorative element in its own right!

Aquaovo is a Quebec company published by My Eco Design, which designs and distributes filtration and revitalization systems for drinking water. It innovates by offering a filtration experience inspired by nature, draped in environmental awareness.

My eco design, publisher of French-made products

Water fountains in noble material,
for both home and work

Our filter carafe in procelaine

Our porcelain water fountain is an integral part of the permanent collection Decorative Arts & Design from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

She was also awarded the trophy Best of Year 2009 in the Kitchen category: Appliances of the prestigious competition organized by the magazine American Interior Design.

Our egg shaped water fountain (Made in France) has already demonstrated its merits:
it is equipped with a glass filter cartridge multilayer with filtration elements required to remove any form of impurity in your drinking water.

The egg, being in itself an expression of chastity, the product offers a perfect representation of its role.
Beyond its visual impact, the oval appearance of this fountain suggests the fundamental value that water holds in our existence.

This fountain is designed with porcelain, glass, wood and metal.
Due to its ovoid shape, it facilitates the rotary movement of the water.
In addition, the porcelain design (which has certain thermal qualities) allows the water refreshment after its filtration.



The Tower, our glass filter jug

Among the possibilities available to you, our cylindrical filter fountain favors glass as a manufacturing material.

It will establish itself as a premium product intended for replace both your bottles, your carboy fountains and your filter jugs, all made of plastic.

Our fountains can be used at home, as well as at work (in meetings, in your offices or in hotels, wellness centers, sports halls, etc.).

Sustainable water fountains for various uses

In their quality of ecological products, in addition to being aesthetically developed, our water fountains are manufactured in such a way that they can be used for a large number of years. Regarding water filtration, it is recommended to replace your cartridge after a maximum use of 4 months (or, possibly, after having filtered a quantity of 2 liters of water). The danger incurred if you try to exceed this limit is to see the contaminants that have already been filtered, again released into your water.

Turn your filter fountain into a drink dispenser!
To switch to distribution mode and no longer filtration, simply remove the top element and the filter cartridge!


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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