Selective sorting of waste in your hotel rooms: how to set it up?

Why set up selective sorting in your hotel rooms?

Le sorting of waste at their source has now become commonplace. It has been widespread in household waste for many years now. In addition it is mandatory for companies through the law. In fact, since 1995, all producers of packaging waste are subject to the legal obligation to sort and recover their packaging waste, unless they produce less than 1 l / week and are collected. by the Public Service (decree n ° 100-2016 of March 288, 10).

Because we are all used to sorting our waste at home, why shouldn't your customers, professionals or leisure travelers, continue their sorting habits in their hotel room, as they do today in train stations, airports, beaches, gas stations, cSPOTLIGHT cities, etc.?

Sorting your waste, even when you are at the hotel is un win / win process:

  • The customer finds or even discovers sorting habits. The objective here is ecological but also educational.
  • The hotelier collects waste already sorted ins a valuation objective, vwaste recovery but also the image of the company.
  • Sorting at source makes it possible to better recover waste and transform it into resources. LeThese figures speak for themselves: in industry, 90% of waste sorted in establishments is recovered, compared to only 28% of unsorted waste. in retail, 76% of waste sorted in establishments is recovered, compared to only 17% of unsorted waste.
  • Sorting also means becoming aware of the amount of waste generated and identifying ways to reduce it.

An approach in line with the adoption on March 14, 2017 by the European Parliament of the “Circular Economy Package” which revises recycling targets upwards. An important action for you if you are committed to a sustainable development approach: La Clef Verte, Earth Check, Planete 21, etc.


my eco-design as close as possible to hoteliers

For several years now, we have been working alongside hotel customers, notably through the implementation of a design and innovative product that limits the use of single-use water bottles. The design of this water fountain makes it possible to highlightthis within the establishments an ecological action: total elimination of one type of waste.

« Because the good waste eis the one that we do not produce. "

We find the same problem for other types of waste. Many of you want to set up selective sorting in your establishments, but not just any old way, and not with just any product. By dint of requests, we conducted a large design study * in order to better understand your issues, your needs, your


expectations and build a suitable offer.

We therefore met and visited many hoteliers. We gathered as much information as possible from users which enabled us to draw up the specifications for a specific sorting bin.that and dedicated to your activity.

But who are these users? We're not just talking about hotel guests here. It is important to specify that we spoke with the directors of establishments, those in charge of sustainable development, but also and above all with everyday users, those who handle the bins, namely the professionals in charge of cleaning and cleaning. interview, housekeepers and of course the end customers.

This survey of land was essential and it is the meeting and exchanges between the nominee and the directors, the governesses, the chambermaids and thehe customer reviews that Selectibox room.

Selectibox room, the 1st sorting bin designed for hotel rooms

Recycling bin 3 bins Selectibox-tertio-grey-light
Selectibox waste sorting bin, 2-bin bin

La Selectibox room is a pmade-to-measure product resulting from a large-scale “users” study.

The request at the start: « set up a trash can in hotel rooms that would allow aux customers to sort their waste. »
Beyond this unique issue, to multiSeveral criteria came into play. The bin had to be:

  • Eco-designed
  • Eaesthetic, adaptable to any type of decoration, discreet but sufficiently visible
  • Didactic for a use simple and understandable by all
  • Allowing the tlaughed waste in a simple and obvious way
  • But also facilitating the collection
  • Allowing a cleaning quick, easy, flawless
  • Et optimizing hotel storage

Here is the result of our work, consult the catalog of the Selectibox room basket

Communication tools to support change in your hotel

Since the information process is inseparable from any change, we will propose to accompany you when setting up the Selectibox in your establishment. So we orientWe have communication around 3 main axes:

  • Communication with customers on selective sorting: we offer, in addition to the visual pictograms on the Selectibox, help documents sorting to be placed in the room, in welcome booklets, on your website, etc.
  • The information of your personnels maintenance in order to guide them to new gestures, handling and cleaning of this new product are also intended to save them time in their procedures.
  • Broadcasts on your various promotional media in order to communicate your ecological approach and stand out of your competitors

Il can be simple to set up le selective sorting in a hotel room awith an obvious, educational and easy-to-maintain product. This approach can of course betender to the other living areas of the hotel: meeting room, reception, offices, etc.


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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