Which designer drinks dispensers for a breakfast buffet?

You are looking for designer drinks dispensers to improve the service of hot or cold drinks on your breakfast buffet? My Eco Design has worked on the subject! Discover our design, ecological and innovative solutions as alternatives to plastic or stainless steel drink dispensers.

At My Eco Design, we advocate the use of noble materials such as porcelain and glass. For the drinks service, it can be interesting to show these drinks, the transparency of the glass is then interesting. A double wall of glass makes the isothermal fountain. An alternative is porcelain which keeps freshness naturally, and which offers a symbol of purity and well-being.

The designer drinks dispensers that we recommend

ISOTEA, isothermal tea fountain, in double glass wall

Removable tea filter, suitable for all hot drinks

  • ISOTEA, the first insulated and transparent tea fountain


  • A new tea tasting experience


  • Insulated, keeps your drink hot for 4 hours


  • Removable tea filter


The transparency of the glass offers a new experience of tasting tea or any other hot drink.

The double glass wall makes it possible, without an electrical connection, to keep your drink hot for 4 hours, throughout the breakfast service.

ISOJUICE, distributor of cold drinks in glass

Removable stainless steel cooling bar

  • ISOJUICE, glass and isothermal drink dispenser


  • 3,5 liters capacity


  • Isothermal thanks to the double glass wall


  • Removable stainless steel cooling bar


The transparency of the glass offers a new experience of tasting your juice or any other cold drink.

Place several drink dispensers next to each other for a guaranteed effect!

Tower, design glass filter fountain


  • Tower filter fountain


  • Offer quality water to your customers


  • 8 liters of filtered water capacity


  • Glass for good water conservation


Play transparency with your customers! Offer them quality filtered water to start the day off right.

Your customers will be able to serve themselves and you will easily and quickly check the remaining water level.

Eco design porcelain filter fountain from Aquaovo


  • Aquaovo filter fountain


  • Offer quality water to your customers


  • 11 liters of filtered water capacity


  • Porcelain for optimal water conservation


A new experience in filtering tap water.

Ecological, economical and aesthetic, the Aquaovo water fountain will generate real savings compared to individual bottles, while providing quality water to your customers.

OVOBAR, eco design porcelain juice fountain


  • OVOBAR eco design juice fountain


  • Made In France


  • Porcelain helps keep the drink naturally cool, between 3 and 5 ° C below room temperature. Add ice inside for more freshness


  • 11 liters capacity


The natural design of this juice fountain offers a nice alternative to the often unsightly plastic drink dispenser.


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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