What design and sustainable alternative to the bathroom bin in a hotel?

We have visited many hotels during our eco-design process for our Selectibox sorting baskets. Most of our interlocutors, from the establishment manager to the maintenance agent, expressed the same need: to have a Robust, durable yet stylish bathroom trash can and by integrating as well as possible into the hotel room.

We heard this demand and designed a bathroom bin with a lid but no mechanism. QUBE is a economical sanitary bin contemporary design.

Why a bathroom bin without a mechanism?

As mentioned previously, many sanitary bins ou bathroom trash cans are not robust, they do not withstand over time the many openings and closings.
In addition, hotel customers are not always respectful. The equipment made available in hotel rooms or bathrooms is often degraded, at least it is used with very little precaution.
It should also be taken into account that lidded bins are manipulated with the feet, we do not always measure our strength.

A manager of a hotel in a large 3 * hotel chain told us that he bought twice as many bins as he had rooms. Its need is therefore 2 bathroom bins per year and per room!
We saw at the back of a 4 * hotel in a ski resort a pile of garbage waiting to be evacuated to the recycling center.

Economically, even if these pedal bins are often the cheapest on the market, the cost after several years is quite substantial.

Ecologically, products are put on the market with a very short lifespan. Most of these bins are plastic. Even if they are recyclable, a large amount of energy will have to be consumed to recycle them.

Here is the imagined solution.


QUBE, a bin with lid, without mechanism

5 liters capacity


Smooth brushed stainless steel exterior
Smooth satin finish, with treatment that prevents dust from settling


Design C + B Lefebvre

A intuitive operation

Opening by pressing the pedal
Opening by pulling the handle

No mechanism, no risk of breakage

Easy, one-handed bucket extraction for maintenance staff

No risk of customers pulling out the bucket

Compact to take up minimal space in a hotel bathroom

Can land on the ground

Or attach to the wall, for faster floor cleaning

Intuitive opening with the handle or with the pedal, as desired

A wide opening which allows a quick visual check and easy cleaning.

The removable inner bucket is made of polypropylene.


Our products are made and stored in France


We do our best to deliver to you as quickly as possible


* In France metro,
for a purchase over 75 €

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