Waste collection at work is essential for the planet. For several years, specialized campaigns on waste sorting have been implemented in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible. The objective to be achieved is the collection of waste at home, but also in all public places. 

What is the point of collecting your waste? 

Waste collection makes it possible to recycle as much as possible and to give a second life to many products. Indeed, glass, plastic, can be recycled to produce new bottles, pens etc. It is therefore very important to recycle to limit the loss of waste as much as possible. 

Selective sorting

Selective sorting color codes

Thus, for several years, many campaigns have been implemented to warn consumers of the importance of waste collection. Gradually, households started sorting to collect their waste. But also, public places such as fast food restaurants or companies are trying to sort themselves out. 

The importance of waste collection at work 

The place where we work is a primary place for waste collection. Indeed, we spend our days there, it is a place that we frequent as much see more than our home. It is therefore just as important to collect waste at work as at home. 

In addition, the workplace is sometimes stressful and oppressive. We can throw away a lot of things like paper, plastic water bottles. The risk of the production of waste within the work should therefore not be minimized. It is therefore important to make employees aware of waste collection. Whether through posters, meetings, everything is good to impact the commitment of employees. The SELECTIBOX baskets respond precisely to a simple and effective sorting problem thanks to their pictograms. Thanks to this, the sorting baskets are indicated, and help employees with selective sorting. 

SELECTIBOX : designer bins ideal for waste collection 

SELECTIBOX responds to business demand for waste collection. Indeed, to collect waste in a company, it is important to carry out clear and rapid prevention so that employees sort easily and do not waste time. Therefore, SELECTIBOX has put labels on their sorting bins, to indicate which waste to sort in the bin. 

Sorting bins for schools, 3 collection containers accompanied by a poster

In addition, the sorting bins have a long shape so as not to take up space in the premises. Thanks to this, the sorting bins SELECTIBOX blend in very well with the decor, whether along an office table, in colors, or even in meeting rooms. These are baskets that are easy to use and allow you to collect waste in your company without difficulty. Sorting bins therefore help to collect waste at work. 

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