The sorting of waste in companies has become essential in French law for several years. Prevention on waste collection has become essential in order to comply with waste sorting legislation. 

Regulations on the sorting of waste in companies 

Since 2016, the law imposes by decree the sorting of waste in companies. Thus, the company is responsible for the management of its waste and may incur penalties. The objective is to minimize the impact of waste, and to sort it in order to have a better ecological impact. 

The company must therefore take waste sorting management into consideration. It must upgrade, sort, and recycle its waste to have a better final yield. In particular since 2016, companies must recycle 5 types of waste. Glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and wood must be processed for recycling. 

Corporate waste management and processing 

To sort your waste in a company, you have to organize yourself in the management and in the treatment of the situation. Thus, the first step in selective sorting is prevention. This will allow educate employees and to show the importance of waste collection in companies. Signs, meetings, emails, will always be useful to warn of the need for selective sorting.

Waste collection bins

Then there is recovery, in particular the recycling of waste. This is when selective sorting must be understood by all employees. It is therefore necessary to have sorting baskets that are clear and precise in order to be able to easily identify employees in their selective sorting management. The importance is that selective sorting or,  fast and efficient to be respected by all. 

SELECTIBOX: an actor that sorts its waste 

SELECTIBOX is a brand of sorting bins ideal for setting up in business. Its pictograms and indications make it easy to find your way around the company's waste sorting. Also, its longitude allows you to immerse yourself in the office decor without any problems. Thus, the baskets SELECTIBOX are ideal for businesses, as they help manage waste sorting. 

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