Selective sorting makes it possible to recycle waste and becomes an essential daily gesture in the hearths but also in public places. In particular, companies are increasingly trying to encourage employees to sort waste in order to save considerable time on cleaning management. It is also very important to sort for companies in order to have a better environmental impact.

Clear and precise explanations to understand selective sorting 

In every company, it is important to explain to employees why sorting their waste.. Thus, it is necessary to sensitize them by having explanations clear around selective sorting. First, information on the benefits of sorting waste in business is primordial to understand its usefulness.

Then, you need to have explanations on how to sort your waste in the company so that employees understand and know how to do it. It is therefore very important to clearly explain the general information on sorting waste in the company so that employees get started seriously.

Explanatory posters to raise employee awareness of selective sorting 

The explanatory posters help considerably to raise awareness among employees about selective sorting. Indeed, the posters are clear and precise information. In a few images and little text, they help employees sort their waste.

Thus, the posters keep the essential explanations in order to help the employees to correctly sort their waste. They can be placed in spaces dedicated to waste sorting, so that employees have explanations for sorting their waste at their fingertips.

Hold regular events around selective sorting 

Events can raise employee awareness of selective sorting. Indeed, creating seminars and information meetings will enable employees to clearly explain verbally how to sort waste. Thus, the events make it possible to exchange and ask questions in real life. At the end of these workshops, the employees obtained clear information in order to sort their waste in the company.

The stickers SELECTIBOX

The stickers SELECTIBOX also make it possible to raise employee awareness of waste sorting. Indeed, these stickers make it possible to reproduce the sorting pictograms in order to know exactly which waste to put in which container.

company waste sorting stickers

Employees therefore have no doubts about how their waste is sorted. They know exactly where to put what waste and sorting is faster and easier thanks to the pictograms. It is also a considerable time saver for cleaning companies who know where the waste is. Thus, sorting your waste in a company becomes essential and obtains many benefits.

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