The SELECTIBOX brand's made in France sorting bin is highly appreciated by local authorities. Its design and its innovation make it possible to sort waste easily in communities in order to facilitate the daily lives of employees.

The use of the sorting bin made in France SELECTIBOX 

The sorting baskets made in France of the SELECTIBOX brand can be placed in the corridors in order to sort waste collectively in a company. Also, it is possible to have one of these designer baskets in the office. Thanks to their longevity, the sorting baskets do not take up space and can be placed next to the desk. Thus, employees can individually sort their waste.

sorting bin made in france black selectibox to collect your waste

There are several bins for the sorting baskets. Depending on the number of bins (1, 2 or 3) you can choose to sort a number of waste categories. For example, if you only want to collect paper from your recycle bin SELECTIBOX, it will be a single bin bin so there is no need for buckets. Thanks to the labels, it is easy to sort the waste and find it easily. Thus, SELECTIBOX sorting bins save time for employees, but especially for cleaning staff. Indeed, the collection of waste and the cleaning of garbage cans are done more quickly for cleaning companies.

The SELECTIBOX experience for communities 

Argonay Town Hall 

The town hall of Argonay has ordered yellow SELECTIBOX UNO (without bucket) to collect paper or cardboard in collective spaces. The corridors, or the rooms where the photocopiers are placed are therefore equipped with sorting bins made in France. The interest for Marie d'Argonay was to have practical sorting baskets made in France. Selectibox responds perfectly to the request.
SELECTIBOX yellow sorting bin made in France to collect your waste

The town of St Quentin and Community of communes of St Quentin 

The city and the community of communes of St Quentin have set up SELECTIBOX DUO black green blue and terracotta sorting bins in the offices. There is a SELECTIBOX sorting bin per workstation so that employees sort their waste individually. The sorting baskets of two bins make it possible to have two types of waste: recycling and residual.
The interest for the city and the community of the commune of St Quentin is to have sorting baskets made in France with several colors to bring joy to the offices. The objective was also to have practical baskets to allow each person to do their sorting directly at their workstation. Then the maintenance staff collects the various bins with their compartmentalized trolley, which saves considerable time.

Community of communes Val Vanoise 

The community of communes of Val Vanoise ordered black SELECTIBOX DUO sorting bins for sorting residual waste and recycling. They also ordered a combination of SELECTIBOX UNO bins in black and yellow, and a QUBE bin for the washrooms.
Qube sanitary bins
The interest for the community of Val Vanoise is to have a local product, because the SELECTIBOX sorting bin is made in Rhone-Alpes. In addition, having practical baskets for maintenance is essential for the user because it saves considerable time. Finally, the sorting bins are didactic for sorting thanks to their stickers.

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