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For restaurants, bars, brasseries or even hotels or seminar centers, there are now aperitif boards or other boards to share design and customizable in the name of your establishment ...

customizable sharing board

The service in a restaurant is just as important as the culinary preparations. The starred chefs have understood this for a long time, they even go so far as to develop their own dishes or kitchen utensils. Customers are also asking for a meticulous service which changes their daily life. They don't go to restaurants to use the same dishes as at home. They want to be seduced, amazed, surprised. It is also a good way for a restaurant to stand out from its competitors.

An aperitif board for a real moment of conviviality

Wooden sharing board

The aperitif board is more and more common in restaurants, bars or brasseries wishing to offer their customers real moments of sharing and conviviality. Charcuterie board, forming board, tapas board, everyone offers their own board to share according to their imagination and their know-how. The presentation of these boards is essential. It is a shame to spend time preparing, cutting, organizing an aperitif board to finally place the food on a common wooden cutting board.

La French brand Le Régal understood this and created its offer around it. Finally, designer aperitif boards for professionals who want to please their customers!

Guarantee of quality, each product is stamped on the back, with the origin of the wood and the date of manufacture.

Design and customizable aperitif boards

Customizable wooden design cutting board

These cutting boards are customizable. You can enter the name of your establishment, your logo or the phrase of your choice!
“Let's share the gluttony with the name of your establishment"

The marking can be placed on the sleeves or on the bottom of the aperitif boards. The logo will thus be hidden at the beginning, it will be revealed as the board empties ...

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote on the shared board (s) of your choice. Several sizes are available, from the individual board to the large board to share for 10 to 12 people.
Click on the following link to discover the range: Click here

Design and customizable cutting board


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