In start-ups and in many companies, the creativity room is more and more common. Creativity rooms are spaces designed and arranged to promote team creativity. These are often open spaces, but they can be rooms. Everything is designed for employees to work together. Everything is organized so that they have a good, productive and friendly time. This trend clearly comes from American companies like Google, Tweeter or other big companies in Silicone Valley. There are large welcoming spaces for employees, well decorated, with everything you need to eat at any time. We also see it as a very good way for the management team to keep employees as much time as possible in the office. But to a lesser extent, it is easily possible to create a efficient creativity room, here are our tips.

The interests of a creativity room

An creativity room is a collaboration space which aims to bring together employees to work together on an idea, a project. They are taken out of their respective offices to group them together in a common and neutral space. Teamwork sessions, collaborations in small groups, brainstorming sessions, this space is dedicated, as its name suggests, to creativity.

The objective is therefore to bring together the right conditions to stimulate innovation, the creation and the emergence of new ideas. A real gain in productivity in the short, medium and long term. In the short term because these are generally very dynamic working sessions. They can be done standing, there are constant exchanges, as opposed to working alone behind your computer, with your headphones on your ears. In the medium and long term because we give voice and responsibilities to employees who imagine the products or services of tomorrow. They are more interested and more motivated for the days to come.

We are going to see what are the rules to follow to set up an efficient creativity room.

Set up a creativity room

You can give free rein to your imagination when setting up a creativity room. The atmosphere must be warm while infusing an ambient dynamism. We are going to list some essential points to respect before keeping a real work efficiency.

  • bring color to this collaborative space. Bright colors that we do not always dare to create an adequate dynamism
  • take care to illuminate this room well, a bright light with some indirect and softer lights in these corners for example
  • opt for a flexible furniture: the space must be able to be modulated according to individual needs, the number of people, etc. I invite you to discover the flexible tables of the Program 3.4.5. which allows you to create groups of 3, 4 or 5 people, they can also be arranged to create a large circle, a U-shaped arrangement, etc.
  • think of the wooden board, or even a wall designed entirely for this purpose. Creativity sessions involve jotting down all ideas, drawing, diagrams, erasing and starting over, etc. There are tables on wheels for example.
  • if several groups are required to work on different subjects in this room, there are very beautiful sound partitions on castors
  • it is essential to provide a video projector but also remote collaboration tools such as videoconferencing, etc.

If you are looking for ideas to organize your future creativity room, I invite you to discover the offer of IA France.

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