Since May 11, several businesses, schools as well as several public and private organizations have started to reopen their doors. Their health obligations involve, among other things, the establishment of infrastructure to enforce barrier gestures. The installation of at least one hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is therefore essential. The devices distributed by IA France will meet your needs.

Bet on a quality hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

Within a company or in a school, the hydroalcoholic gel distributor will be particularly in demand. The number of times a person will use it, multiplied by the number of people present in the building, must be taken into account. So bet on guaranteed models, like at IA France where the minimum coverage against possible defects is two years. Several hydroalcoholic gel dispensers even have a five-year warranty, proof of their high quality of construction. The device is placed on a stainless steel support to be fixed on a wall or installed on a post to be installed on the ground.

A pedal-operated hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

This hydroalcoholic gel dispenser delivers a single dose by action of the pedal.

A contactless hand device for public spaces

To be fully effective, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser must be able to be activated without the intervention of the hands, one of the main vectors of viruses, Covid-19, but also flu and others. It is therefore necessary to move towards a device equipped with a system which avoids any contact with the fingers or the palm of the hand. Thus, on IA France, you have the choice between the models which deliver the dose using pressure with the elbow. Others deliver their dose with pressure from the foot. For the most successful, you can disinfect your hands by simply passing your hand under the pouring spout for dispensers equipped with an infrared detector.

Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser: opt for a neat design

In addition to being solid, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser must be pleasant to contemplate so as not to spoil the harmony of a space. Opt for a clean design for easy integration. You can then bet on colors to make a difference. A clean aesthetic should not come at the expense of ease of use. Thus, while preserving the elegance of the device, the dispensers offered by IA France offer a non-drip jug to keep clean, as well as an easily accessible refill compartment in addition to being secured by a lock. And with the small control window, you'll know exactly when to charge the device.

An educational tool to guide users

In any public space, and more particularly in a school, it is essential to set up a didactic tool. This can take the form of a notice board or a nameplate. You will find the necessary information on the use of the hydroalcoholic gel dispenser. We can also communicate the other barrier gestures to respect. You can supplement this signage with marks on the ground which clearly delimit the safety distance to be preserved. Within a company, you can personalize this medium to make it a communication asset in favor of a responsible corporate image and committed to public safety.

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