Working in a group is becoming a very effective learning method in school teaching. Indeed, students can thus exchange with each other, and have a more dynamic teaching. Thus, it is necessary to adapt the classrooms according to the type of teaching desired so that the pupils and the teachers have a good work space.

The program tables 3.4.5: school furniture suitable for group work

The program tables 3.4.5. are ideal to work in groups. Indeed, these tables allow you to come together to form groups, just as they can separate and take the layout of the desired room.

These designer tables are designed to fit the classroom environment. Indeed, the tables are modular and allow to move easily. They are light, and can take different shapes. For example, you can make a central island, or make small groups of tables 3 4 or 5 for the students.

modular table with several colors

The tables are also accompanied by their chairs which are themselves stackable. Thus, the tables and chairs of the program 3.4.5. form an ideal set for forming group work in a classroom. They are furniture that is easy to move, and suitable for dynamic school teaching. 

Table Biplane: a table pinboard perfect for group work

Table Biplane is a modular table that converts into a table. Basically, it is a classic table for two students that allows you to follow the course in a classic way. They can take notes, sit and listen to the teacher. Only, the table converts into a table in less than 3 seconds, thanks to a very simple function with security. 

designer board table for group work

Thus, the table becomes a blackboard and the pupils can discuss together around this school furniture. They can also write on the board all their ideas, in order to work in groups. It is a system that is very simple and fast in order to avoid taking too much time in the classroom. Plus, the system is student-friendly and safe, so you can convert your chalkboard table in 3 seconds with no mess. This school furniture is therefore perfect for carrying out group work in a classroom. 

The pulpit school: simple and design furniture for a classroom

The school desk is a classic and design furniture for a classroom, but which is perfectly suitable for group work. Indeed, the school desk is very similar to the tables of the program 3.4.5: it is light, moves easily, and can form several groups or islands with the tables. 

design school desk for group work

But also, the school desk is very practical because it contains a locker for storing things. We can therefore store our notebooks so as not to be too cluttered. There are also hooks to store your school bag and jacket. The school desk is therefore a very practical element in a classroom. car class it does not take up much space and it is easily modular. It's also easy to work in a group with the desk because it is incorporated into the tables of the program 3.4.5.

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