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Program 3.4.5 proposes a new vision of teaching, a new understanding of classrooms. A school furniture innovative, design signed C + B Lefebvre for AI France.

Design school furniture C + B Lefebvre

School furniture that allows multiple classroom configurations

The trend is towards dynamic teaching, school reforms are moving in this direction. Here is the demand expressed by users, school officials, teachers and teachers. The students welcome this new generation of school tables, the 3.4.5 table.

The peculiarity lies in the shape of its top. With a single table model, it is possible to create groups of 3, 4 or 5 students. But also groups of 6, 9, 12 students, more traditional U-shaped rooms, in a row, or quite simply to organize the class individually.

Group work is thus encouraged, the class can move from one configuration to another quickly and easily. Teachers can thus adapt the layout of their class according to the subject taught and their needs.

Here is a video which illustrates very well the modularity of this school table:


This new school furniture therefore has the enormous advantage of adapting to multiple needs and above all of absorbing the successive reforms of our dear elected officials!

School furniture that adapts to active teaching

Active pedagogy is an increasingly popular teaching method, especially in Germany. Based on group work and interaction between students, it is advisable to set up this type of learning method to have hyper modular classes!

It is in this direction that Bruno Lefebvre, designer of this school table, worked. By making contact with specialists in dynamic teaching, by going to meet professors and teachers, he quickly realized that there was a lack of school furniture in the market.

The 3.4.5 school table is a real innovation, the shape of the top is protected by a European patent!


The principle of school furniture 3.4.5?



Innovative school furniture by IA France


3 angles of the table are marked with a 3, a 4 and a 5. It is enough to take 3 tables, to make coincide the 3 with the 3 to have a group of 3 places, to take 4 tables and to make the 4 coincide with the 4 to obtain a group of 4 places, to take 5 tables and to make the 5 coincide with the 5 to obtain a group of 5 places!

Nothing could be easier and faster to arrange a space as you see fit. Design at the service of education.

For information, Program 3.4.5 is being adapted for professional needs, in a meeting room for example… I will keep you informed.

In the meantime, go to the site of AI France, at the origin of this initiative.


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