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Table Biplane table is a design product designed by C + B Lefebvre in order to help children's school learning. Thanks to that biplane table, children can change the way they work and draw on the board. This school furniture can be adapted to the different levels of study of the pupils in order to have a dynamic pedagogy. Tables tables will be present at the EDUCATEC show from November 24 to 26 at stand E34 in Paris! 

Table Biplane table essential for the system school 

Table pinboard was conceived around reflections between professionals of the school system. Thus, the problem raised is that of too monotonous pedagogy for children. Table pinboard has therefore responded to this problem by implementing an innovative system. The goal is that students can both study, but also study on a blackboard. 

The use of the chalkboard table is therefore above all educational and is ideal for students coming from colleges or high schools. The two table positions (vertical and horizontal) therefore allow children a new way of studying during lessons.  

Table pinboard : an essential educational tool 

Changing the position of the blackboard table is an innovative and very effective tool for the teaching of students. You might think that changing the position of a table is complicated, but it has been adapted to the students. Thus, the change of position is fast, because it is done in 3 seconds. It is also intuitive, because the two positions are self-stable without any locking system necessary.

In addition, the position system is secure so there is no risk for the students to injure themselves by pinching themselves or with other injuries. The table therefore meets the standards of safety and resistance for the students. Finally, the table is silent during the change of position, so there is no clicking or squeaking. Table table has therefore a fast and efficient system. Thanks to this, children change position easily and quickly, without hurting themselves and without hindering the lesson. 

A table adaptable board with seats

Table pinboard easily adapts to many situations. Once in a vertical position the table forms a stable whole, because the legs are placed correctly to hold the table. In addition, the board can be used on both sides, which is convenient for students to share their projects and discuss and learn together. 

In addition to its adaptability, the Biplane table is eco-designed and manufactured in France by C + B Lefebvre with patented furniture. 

The technical characteristics of the table table 

Table Biplane table develops design features for students. The colors are grouped between white, black and orange to give a little color to the table. Then, concerning the materials, the top is in glossy laminate, base and steel sheet of 125 cm by 62,5 cm. The height is 90 cm folded, and unfolded the table table measures 1.5 m. Finally, the table has 4 casters, 2 of which are braked. Table pinboard is therefore an innovative system to support student learning. 

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