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Today I would like to present to you The Oil Shed, a system based on proximity, with a militant design which aims to promote and facilitate collection of used cooking oil from households. A local initiative with national ambition that we have been promoting for several months. In this article, I will explain the problem of used cooking oil to you, then present the solution to this problem: La Baraque à Huile.

La Baraque à Huile, I recycle my frying oil


Used cooking oil, the finding

Even if it is common, but not yet systematic, to see catering professionals make their used frying oil available to waste collectors, the same is not the case for households. Not subject to an obligation, unlike professionals, very few people bring their used frying oil to a recycling center. To go further, we have observed that very few people know that edible oil must be sent to a recycling center, that it is recycled and that it is recoverable.

We estimate a national level of 66 million liters of used cooking oil, or 1 liter of oil per year and per inhabitant.
Only 5% is recycled and upgraded to bio-fuel.

These oils are often discarded in nature or worse in sinks or toilets. This oil which ends up in the pipes can freeze due to the cold and thus clog the pipes. It is common to see plumbers intervene very regularly in collective housing. This used oil is also a scourge for wastewater treatment plants that treat wastewater.


The Oil Barrel: our solution that aims to optimize the collection of used oil


The Oil Shed in the recycling center


The Oil Barrel is a system that aims to optimize the collection and recycling of used cooking oil. The objective is to reduce from 5 to 20% of the oil collected, thanks to a system based on proximity, practical and communicative.

The stake is twofold:

  • let as many people as possible know that they need to take their used cooking oil to a recycling center
  • facilitate this voluntary contribution in order to promote the collection

Here is how La Baraque à Huile works:


The functioning of La Baraque à Huile


1) “I fill my Olibox with used cooking oil”:

This Olibox is a 3-liter bucket, in the colors of La Baraque à Huile, which has been given to you free of charge by the recycling centers equipped with La Baraque à Huile. It is made available to promote voluntary intake of oil. It thus replaces the used bottles by practices. Its large opening facilitates emptying the frying.

For many, used cooking oil is assimilated to frying oil. But that's not all, cooking oils are concerned, pan bases, oil from jars of candied vegetables, jars of feta, the bottom of a bottle of rancid oil, etc.

Olibox on La Baraque à Huile

2) “My Olibox is full, I take it to the recycling center”:

Once the cover is properly clipped, you take the Olibox to the recycling center. The Olibox is perfectly airtight, which prevents your car from getting dirty ...

3) “I deposit my full Olibox and I collect an empty and clean Olibox”:

When you arrive at the recycling center, you just have to place your bucket upright on La Baraque à Huile, and leave with an empty and clean bucket, which will be upside down to differentiate them.

4) “My oil is recycled and upgraded to bio-fuel”:

A waste collector will recover these full Oliboxes, empty them by checking that there is only household oil inside, and not engine oil, to send this oil to a specialized factory. in the recycling and upgrading of frying oil into bio-fuel.
This control makes it possible to optimize the oil recycling rate.

Where to find La Baraque à Huile?

La Baraque à Huile is a local initiative with national ambitions. Behind this project are:

  • TRIALP: Savoyard company, approved solidarity company, specializing in the collection, treatment and recovery of waste
  • C + B Lefevre: Lefebvre Productions has been designing high-performance products at international level for renowned customers for 20 years
  • 1r design: Savoyard company designing and promoting design and innovative products and services, respectful of the environment

This Monday, March 6, 2017, the first 2 waste reception centers are equipped with La Baraque à Huile. Other communities and waste reception centers will join the movement (see the list of recycling centers equipped with La Baraque à Huile)

Collecting this oil will only be successful if it is widely known. Do not hesitate to share, to talk about it around you ...

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