You want to work a little more concretely in the sorting of waste ? Trust Selectibox, the French brand specializing in baskets sorting ecodesign. With Selectibox, you are guaranteed to respect all the essential elements for a basket of this type.

Baskets as you wanted

Products Selectibox are made from specifications drawn up with you. Designed to be easy to maintain, these baskets also benefit from an identifiable aesthetic. They are thus particularly recognizable to make you the task of sorting of waste easy. The manufacture of these baskets is the result of expertly studied ergonomics. The opinions of different typical uses were indeed analyzed, among them: housekeepers, house staff, housekeepers and of course the heads of establishments. The creation of each basket is done in accordance with the personalized elements that you have chosen. Indeed, there are a little more than 100 possible formulas to design the basket that meets your expectations. You are thus free to choose the colors as well as the quantity of on-board bins. You can also decide whether your recycle bin has written indications or rather indicative icons.

Each waste has its own basket

Selectibox customizable office bin

For each type of waste, you have a designated bin. For example, the DIDA Glass basket is, as its name suggests, designed to collect your glass waste. The very particular design of its upper part evoking a bottle is not there by chance. This garbage chute is made from recyclable polyethylene. The DIDA Recyclable is dedicated to recyclable waste. This is how a standard basket can be used for various categories of waste: cups, paper, residual waste, etc.

Attractive and easy-to-clean baskets

Each of these models can hold up to 13 liters of waste. Among the significant advantages of these baskets, it should be remembered that they do not require the addition of a plastic bag. The bottom of the basket is radiated, so that the waste does not remain there. This way you can clean it without much difficulty. Any ordinary cleaning product will do, because the basic plastic from which the bin is made is immutable.

A product of French design, ecological, intended for different uses

The baskets Selectibox are the fruit of the design and conception of an entirely French brand. Expertise Selectibox en baskets de sorting of waste issues of ecodesign no longer need to be proven. The products offered thus supply hotel establishments, company offices and communities. Finally, these baskets ecodesign are made from fully recyclable materials. In accordance with a policy favorable to the preservation of our environment, these bins are made from plastic that has already been recycled. These materials being particularly resistant (shockproof), they are also sold through a short distribution channel. In this way, Selectibox ensures that its carbon footprint is minimized as much as possible (greenhouse gas emission measurement system, source of pollution).

3-bin basket from the French brand Selectibox

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