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Innovative, environmentally friendly and with an attractive design, the kitchen utensils available on My Eco Design invite you to share your culinary creations in a different way. We invite you to discover a range of modern and elegant products at the same time. The different articles have the immense advantage of being available for personalization. Companies will thus be able to opt for ecological and original advertising objects.

The common points of our ecological utensils

Whatever utensil you choose from our online store, you are guaranteed to have an ecological product. The materials for their manufacture have been carefully chosen to enhance sustainable resources.
The different products also have in common the manufacture in France. This choice is justified by the desire to reduce the travel time between the places of production and sale. The transcontinental journeys of the various components, whose objective is to reduce costs, have a considerable environmental impact. In addition, the short circuit guarantees a positive social impact.

Each product we offer is the result of a long reflection aimed at perfecting the design, the experience in use and the lifespan of the articles. In addition, all wooden items are vintage. Clearly, the date and place of production are indicated.

Made in France kitchen utensils

Cook and present your dishes with ecological utensils Made in France.

Our ecological utensils dedicated to service

When we receive relatives or to share our culinary prowess on social networks, it is essential to have a quality display. Between the cocktail plates and the boards to share, you have the choice on My Eco Design. The originality of their aesthetics will bring additional seduction to your dishes. The big plus of the cocktail plates is its innovative notch which allows the dish and the stemmed glass to be carried with one hand. During your receptions, the guests will have a free hand to grab the delicacies placed on the tray.

More classic, but just as attractive thanks to a careful design, the presentation board allows dishes to be laid out in an aesthetic and creative way. Some models are designed for four people, others are individual.

Ecological utensils for preparation

On My Eco Design, you can buy a cutting board. It allows you to easily separate the parts to be cooked and the parts that will go to the trash can. You will more easily cut small onions, carrots and other radishes. At the end of the handle, the hole to hang the utensil is provided for optimized storage.

Another cutting board comes with a hammer for tenderizing and flattening meat and other ingredients. Its design also makes it possible to separate the different cut ingredients.

Food preservation: innovation for a longer shelf life of your products

If you notice that your vegetables are wilting very quickly in your refrigerator, this is normal. The cold tends to dry out food products. With the right utensil for the cfood observation, you will be able to extend the life of your purchases or your harvests.

Thanks to innovation and an optimized design, fruits and vegetables will be able to rest on a beautiful assembly of wood and porcelain. It is no longer necessary to put them in the harsh cold of the refrigerator. A constant supply of air optimizes the freshness of the plants.

Better preserved foods prevent food waste. We throw away much less food.

design fight against food waste

An ecological utensil for better food preservation.

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