Sorting waste has become an essential activity in the daily life of homes, but also of businesses. This very important gesture makes it possible to change many things, including the protection of the planet. Selective sorting in companies is practiced a lot in order to raise awareness among employees to help with sustainable development.

Selective sorting for sustainable development

Garbage sorting main objective is to protect the planet. Indeed, sorting your waste makes it possible to recycle and revalorize products such as plastic. Thus, waste such as single-use water bottles can be recycled so as not to produce more waste.

It has therefore become increasingly important to sort your waste to meet the needs of the planet. In particular, companies try to sensitize their employees in order to participate in this very important ecological action.

Raising awareness among company employees

Companies aim to improve their image through selective sorting. Indeed, having a positive impact on the environment is a considerable and essential advantage today. It is therefore necessary to intervene and make employees aware of selective sorting.

The objective is to make people understand the need to collect waste, avoid waste, and recycle waste. Thus, employees must understand how selective sorting works in their company. Prevention campaigns can be put in place, or explanatory signs can be circulated to show how selective sorting works.

SELECTIBOX: the ideal sorting baskets for selective sorting

management of selective sorting in business with pictograms

SELECTIBOX is a brand of sorting bins that offers an effective solution to raise employees' awareness of selective sorting. There are several colors of baskets, which can vary according to the object of the selective sorting. For example, the blue basket for paper, the yellow for residuals. There are also labels with recycling bins. Thanks to this, employees can easily identify the pictograms and understand or sort the waste. 

Thus, the sorting baskets SELECTIBOX facilitate sorting in companies by raising employee awareness, but also by facilitating the work of cleaning companies. Thanks to all this, the company makes an immense sorting which allows to have a better impact for the planet. Companies therefore reflect a better image thanks to the selective sorting they introduce in their premises. 

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