Looking for an economical and simple way to have healthy water at home or in the office, are you thinking of opting for a filter fountain? Why not combine business with pleasure by choosing a ceramic water filter ? Indeed, this noble material is both prized for its elegance and for the advantages it provides. More details below!

Ceramic: an opacity that preserves the quality of the water 

Opting for a water filter made of ceramic is above all to ensure thathave clean water and fully drinkable at all times. In fact, in addition to allowing you to save on your water costs and reduce your plastic waste, this equipment protects the water from bacteria.

Concretely, the ceramic properties make it an ideal material to keep water safe from UV rays. Its opacity allows the filter jug ​​to block light and the sun's rays. Hence, there is no no risk of bacteria proliferation and microbes in the water. Indeed, they particularly like warm and humid environments. ceramic filter water fountain

As you will have understood, by opting for a water fountain made of ceramic, you do not risk seeing your drinking water deteriorate. This saves you a lot of health problems. 

Ceramic keeps water naturally cool 

Another advantage that ceramic provides as a material used to make a water fountain for the home is that it helps keep the water cool. By its nature and its thermal properties, ceramic is a noble material which acts by preserving thenaturally fresh water

With such equipment, you will have at home a pure and fresh water to everything instant. All you have to do is fill the upper tank of the filter, wait for the filtered water to flow into the lower tank and you're done. You will have quality water with a temperature of 4 to 5 degrees below the ambient temperature. 

The ceramic filter carafe brings a touch of elegance to your interior 

Besides its health and thermal benefits, ceramic also offers aesthetic benefits when used to make water filters. In fact, it is a very noble material that adapts to any design. The ceramic can be molded into the desired shape.

A glossy finish gives the ceramic filter jug ​​more elegance. This equipment will easily find its place whatever the type of decoration you have adopted for your interior. The ceramic water filter will bring you both a touch of modernity and elegance. 

Nevertheless, to be sure of having a quality product with neat finishes, the water filters ceramic made in France are to be favored. 

A porcelain water filter that highlights French know-how

Getting a water fountain entirely made in France can only be beneficial to you. Among the most popular products on the market is Aquaovo, a home water filter designed in porcelain. This is a product that highlights the know-how of French craftsmen and their mastery of the field. My Eco Design is the official retailer of this product throughout France.

French manufacturing respecting tradition 

The porcelain used for the water fountain is completely handcrafted by French craftsmen mastering the ancestral know-how in the field. It is also respect for its traditions that allows them to give French porcelain its very characteristic purity and whiteness. 

In addition, the base of the equipment, whether in acrylic glass or wood, is also made in France. 

A good alternative to the plastic water bottle

This product is an excellent alternative to using the plastic water bottle. This will allow you to both save money and reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding emitting more plastic waste. Moreover, this filtering water fountain allows you to filter tap water and make it completely drinkable. 

An original shape that preserves water quality 

In addition to taking advantage of the natural properties of ceramics, this filter jug ​​has been designed to have a shape that helps maintain the quality of the water and avoid its degradation. Its ovoid shape with the purity of its curves, and therefore the absence of angles, allows this filtering fountain to promote natural gyratory movement.

For this purpose, the water stored in the carafe never stagnates. Note that the stagnation of water is conducive to the development of bacteria. The fountain thus makes it possible to preserve the water in good conditions and to revitalize it in a natural way. 

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